Sunday, December 24, 2006

Life Is Interesting (WHAT?)

well, kind of.. hahah.. i just think my life few days kinda funny wit so many unexpected stuff happens.. well, the ‘adventure’ begins on last thursday when suddenly my home dun hv electricity bcoz they dun pay the bills.. kinda teenagers stuff, always late pay bills bcoz dun hv money or wat so ever.. most of them ran away to sumbody house.. actually the options is their partners home but me, where should i go? i hv no body here in kl.. hahaha..

but, suddenly on 8 p.m. my fren, bed fetch me from home and bring me to one of his fren house, yus, which is my fren also.. kinda weird living in a new place.. i luv actually to live in my home rite now bcoz i can do anything i want, sleep where i want.. and do wat i want.. if i’m hungry i can cook coz i’ve got complete stuff in the freezer, or just go down to buy mcD or wat so ever.. kinda bored, just go down swiming and play diving.. (i’m a little bit good in it now.. haha) or just go to giant to ’shoping’.. hahaha.. dun hv money? just get it down.. but, in my frens house my life is a bit boring.. i’ve to control my self, don’t do dat, don’t do this.. beside, my laptop not wit me and wat da hell, life is very bored!! i can’t imagine how i can survive dat time.. even i dun know wat should i do.. so, i just sit down and watch the times goes by.. haha

and then, the next nite.. i decided to go to shah house.. kinda funny act, shah house is on the same buildings wit yus house but shah house is on the 13a floor, but yus on the 11 floor.. haha.. so, i moved to shah house wit my newly bought guitar and sum of my stuff.. rite now, i’ve been livin in 3 house in kl and i dun know where i’ll be tomorow.. hahaha.. still, i dun know wat happen to my real home as i never had a chance to go back and see wat happen in the house.. miss dat house so much.. haha..

last nite, we go and celebrate shah bday in hartamas.. kinda interesting act, coz time passed by and all of us meet each other to share our stories since the last time we meet.. and, last nite.. i’m back to yus house and hv a ‘real’ sleeping time after few days i’m confuse wat to do in my life..

and, rite now.. i’m in redza house.. wit an internet connection.. hahaha, wit laptop.. but just only rm5.68 in my pocket, but.. it’s ok as long as i’m here.. dun mind to much act coz i’ll be back on 30 to my home, to live again wit my mum and dad.. sleep on my bed, in my little room.. having my real life again..

anyway, to those who hv been wit me for this passed few days.. thanx for making me feel confortable in ur house, thanx very much!! thanx for helping me when i’m helpless, u r my true frenz.. luv u all.. peace!~

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's 6.20am but still DARK..

haha.. yeah, it’s fact here in KL.. the clock in this laptop showed that it’s 6.20a.m already but outside, it’s still dark.. i actually dun know wat time exactly sun will rise here.. but, i think.. in kota kinabalu already morning.. i actually want take a bath but sumhow, i just wanna say sumthing in this blog..

few hours from now i’ll take a bus goin to kota bharu, kelantan to meet my father.. can’t wait actually, i want to take a flight goin there but dun hv much money.. huhu, so tired laa travel by bus.. take about 7 hours!! crazy or what? but, sumhow i think it’s ok for me to go travel by bus.. and then, on friday.. goin back to kuala lumpur by train.. can i do that? i must be crazy!! hahaha..

i just can’t wait to meet my father.. i miss him so much!! i dun know if my mum there also, but i think my mum in KK.. aiyyoo, can’t shoping laa if my father around.. he always said that u should save money for the future.. and, rite now i think wat he said is true bcoz i dun save my money, and i’ve to travel by bus to kelantan.. aiyaa.. just talking about it make me tired already..

well, it’s 6.29a.m, i wanna take a shower rite now.. and hope i can get a bus, and wish my journey safe.. and til we meet again, stay blessed.. hv fun n gud luck!!

Friday, December 08, 2006


Well, this is the wat-so-ever time I wrote sumthin stupid in this blog. I just wondering, how many of u read my blog.. huhu, I would really appreciate your comment and I just need ur opinion about my life.. I just couldn’t live without my frenz, even I lost few of my close fren, but in the same time I hate and mad wit them, I still luv them as my frenz.. they shared so many kind things wit me.. sum are gud, happy, sad, bad and wat-so-ever things.. I miss u all, I miss our happiness and I miss the moment we shared.. I miss to talk wit u and I miss ur warm and kindness and frens..

By the way, I had a fight wit my luv one.. did it considerable to be a fighting? or even i can consider dat person as my luv?? anyway.. Dat person actually lost phone and lost all important numbers.. I make fun wit it and I consider it as a joke.. but, I dun know that will cost dat person anger.. for the first time dat person gat mad at me.. I’m so shock and I’m sad.. I dun mind that actually, but I’m sad because I rise dat person temper.. actually, dat person is not the one I luv, I just respect and I do care to dat person.. I dun know wat happen to me, maybe I fall in luv.. but I just couldn’t stop my self from asking dat person who dat person might be wit.. wat dat person do.. and every things about that person.. my fren said, dun control dat person life and pls don’t do the same mistake dat I do.. dat person so special in my heart.. but, I do luv, but the same time I can’t luv.. I only can share and I only can respect.. dat person never get mad to wat ever I done.. but this time, I crossed the line..

But now I realize.. I realize how u want our relationship to be, I don’t know if I’m in ur heart but I would like to thank u bcoz u’ve entered my heart in a special way and u stay in my heart in a very sweet way.. I try to lost u, but I seem couldn’t do dat.. If I just could win ur heart, if I just can be dat special one.. it’s enough wit me.. but still I remember this quote.. I owez been hurt by the person I luv, owez been luv by the person I dun luv.. da sad thing is through I try to chuz the person hu luv me.. still my heart belongs to the person hu hurt me.. u hurt me so much, but I dun know how in the same time u won my heart.. why dat happen? Why u hurt me so much? I always curse u, but I still luv u since I’m just a person to whom luv is everything..

To dat person, u know who u are.. u open my heart to take care of u, u make me respect u.. and u make me really special the way I am.. u advice me on wat I do.. and u take care of me like I’m special in ur heart.. I want to thank u for all u’ve done to me.. but since I can’t luv u.. I only can say I can’t lost u.. u r so special in my heart and who ever u wit, I owez supported and be happy wit u, even it broke my heart so much..

Stay blessed, hv fun n gud luck.. peace out..

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

huhu, this wuz the second time i celebrated my bday far-far away from home.. i’m not goin out to party or celebrate it wit a very money waste event.. i miss my mum so much, and thanx to dad for giving me sum money to survive here.. yesterday morning i only hv rm1.32, so sad.. i dun hv anything to eat and i’ve to wait until about 4.30pm because my dad so busy and can’t go to the bank to banked-in the money..

i want to go out and look for sum job.. it’s a little bit hard to live far away from family.. u hv to think about how to manage ur money, u must saved and think before u spent.. arrgghh!! so hard, because when i’m in KK, i just spent and spent my money without thinking.. i asked my brother to give me some money but he said, ‘u go out and ‘makan angin’.. sure u will not starve..’ aiiyyyoooo!! wat kind of brother is that?? i wanna go back home!! i miss the food dat my mum cooked, i miss my father.. (his money act~) hehehe..

rite now, i’m at the living room.. alone also, can’t sleep.. a little bit hungry, but i just dun mind because i’m a little bit excited.. it’s my 23th bday and tomorow i’m goin to KLCC because i want to look some present and maybe if i got a chance i wanna go to the skybrigde and take some picture and maybe having a special moment up on the sky.. hahaha.. wish me luck yeah!!

and, today evening i’m goin to meet somebody.. can’t wait to see her.. hahaha, aight then.. til next time aight! if u reading this, dun forget to leave me a testi.. and to those who hv already wish me.. thanx, and may u have happiness and prosperity.. thanx dude!!

and again.. peace out..

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Life

yeah!! rite now masuk 4 ari suda aku live d kl nih.. eh, i dun realize dat so much eh.. hahha, tomorow is my bday and i dun know i go out and celebrate it.. maybe just staying at home, sleeping and go down and swimming.. hahaha.. well, i actualy miss my mum and dad, but wat can i do beside call them everyday asking for money.. hahaha! am i a good son? well, maybe.. because i remember them what!! life just a little bit boring here, but sum kind of interesting i think.. coz i lived in a new environment wit new people around and most important wit new slang.. hehehe.. well, i might be lucky coz i can connected to the internet this time.. the live owez got a problem.. anyway, wish me luck! hahah…

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

during this festive season.. i dun know why i’m just staying here at my home.. not goin back to sumwhere i cam from, actually.. goin back to my mums and dads hometown.. they just wanna stay here, at our house in the city.. haha, just ok wit me.. because i’m a little bit lazy goin back to my ‘kampung’..

i’m still waiting my friends to call me and we can go out to others house.. haha.. a little bit bored staying at home only, nothing to do eh.. i just chatting, and online.. surfing and sumtimes watching brunei tv.. huhu.. wat da~

anyway, to all my friends out there.. i just wanna wish u.. happy eid mubarak, i’m so sorry to all things happen dat makes u maybe mad, angry, sad or wat so ever wit me.. i’m just a normal human, dat can’t live without doin mistakes.. may u celebrate this festive season wit a happiness, wit a smile.. around ur family and friends.. wit ur love ones.. have fun, stay blessed and gud luck!

peace out!!

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