Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

during this festive season.. i dun know why i’m just staying here at my home.. not goin back to sumwhere i cam from, actually.. goin back to my mums and dads hometown.. they just wanna stay here, at our house in the city.. haha, just ok wit me.. because i’m a little bit lazy goin back to my ‘kampung’..

i’m still waiting my friends to call me and we can go out to others house.. haha.. a little bit bored staying at home only, nothing to do eh.. i just chatting, and online.. surfing and sumtimes watching brunei tv.. huhu.. wat da~

anyway, to all my friends out there.. i just wanna wish u.. happy eid mubarak, i’m so sorry to all things happen dat makes u maybe mad, angry, sad or wat so ever wit me.. i’m just a normal human, dat can’t live without doin mistakes.. may u celebrate this festive season wit a happiness, wit a smile.. around ur family and friends.. wit ur love ones.. have fun, stay blessed and gud luck!

peace out!!

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