Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

huhu, this wuz the second time i celebrated my bday far-far away from home.. i’m not goin out to party or celebrate it wit a very money waste event.. i miss my mum so much, and thanx to dad for giving me sum money to survive here.. yesterday morning i only hv rm1.32, so sad.. i dun hv anything to eat and i’ve to wait until about 4.30pm because my dad so busy and can’t go to the bank to banked-in the money..

i want to go out and look for sum job.. it’s a little bit hard to live far away from family.. u hv to think about how to manage ur money, u must saved and think before u spent.. arrgghh!! so hard, because when i’m in KK, i just spent and spent my money without thinking.. i asked my brother to give me some money but he said, ‘u go out and ‘makan angin’.. sure u will not starve..’ aiiyyyoooo!! wat kind of brother is that?? i wanna go back home!! i miss the food dat my mum cooked, i miss my father.. (his money act~) hehehe..

rite now, i’m at the living room.. alone also, can’t sleep.. a little bit hungry, but i just dun mind because i’m a little bit excited.. it’s my 23th bday and tomorow i’m goin to KLCC because i want to look some present and maybe if i got a chance i wanna go to the skybrigde and take some picture and maybe having a special moment up on the sky.. hahaha.. wish me luck yeah!!

and, today evening i’m goin to meet somebody.. can’t wait to see her.. hahaha, aight then.. til next time aight! if u reading this, dun forget to leave me a testi.. and to those who hv already wish me.. thanx, and may u have happiness and prosperity.. thanx dude!!

and again.. peace out..

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