Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Life

yeah!! rite now masuk 4 ari suda aku live d kl nih.. eh, i dun realize dat so much eh.. hahha, tomorow is my bday and i dun know i go out and celebrate it.. maybe just staying at home, sleeping and go down and swimming.. hahaha.. well, i actualy miss my mum and dad, but wat can i do beside call them everyday asking for money.. hahaha! am i a good son? well, maybe.. because i remember them what!! life just a little bit boring here, but sum kind of interesting i think.. coz i lived in a new environment wit new people around and most important wit new slang.. hehehe.. well, i might be lucky coz i can connected to the internet this time.. the live owez got a problem.. anyway, wish me luck! hahah…

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