Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's 6.20am but still DARK..

haha.. yeah, it’s fact here in KL.. the clock in this laptop showed that it’s 6.20a.m already but outside, it’s still dark.. i actually dun know wat time exactly sun will rise here.. but, i think.. in kota kinabalu already morning.. i actually want take a bath but sumhow, i just wanna say sumthing in this blog..

few hours from now i’ll take a bus goin to kota bharu, kelantan to meet my father.. can’t wait actually, i want to take a flight goin there but dun hv much money.. huhu, so tired laa travel by bus.. take about 7 hours!! crazy or what? but, sumhow i think it’s ok for me to go travel by bus.. and then, on friday.. goin back to kuala lumpur by train.. can i do that? i must be crazy!! hahaha..

i just can’t wait to meet my father.. i miss him so much!! i dun know if my mum there also, but i think my mum in KK.. aiyyoo, can’t shoping laa if my father around.. he always said that u should save money for the future.. and, rite now i think wat he said is true bcoz i dun save my money, and i’ve to travel by bus to kelantan.. aiyaa.. just talking about it make me tired already..

well, it’s 6.29a.m, i wanna take a shower rite now.. and hope i can get a bus, and wish my journey safe.. and til we meet again, stay blessed.. hv fun n gud luck!!

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