Saturday, November 10, 2007

Loneliness Is Tragical..

'loneliness is tragical..' ever wondered where i got inspiration for that? well, after a while being alone, with nobody to talks to.. you'll find the loneliness is the purest of pain aside of the tragical things.. lots of thing happened around me, sometimes i don't even can say anything other than keep in silence, let the truth come by it self.. i blamed my self for all of this, i always saying this is my big ever mistakes..

actually i miss my mom alot.. so much than i can ever imagine, i miss the moment i share my feelings with my mom, share my secrets to her.. but now i'm here, i don't even have somebody to talk to.. i call my mom, and i suddenly cry, that the time where i realize i miss my mom so much.. it's hard being here, but somehow.. it's an experience, which i think i never can learn if i stay back in my hometown.. i've learned to not to believe people smile at you and can assumed that person is a good person.. well, it's kl dude!! you're on a battle to survive here.. it's on your own..

money also is an important things for you to survive in this crowded places.. owh, i can say here money is your roleplay, you've got the money than you're the king.. but if you don't, don't you ever dare to dream of being somebody friends.. yeah, it's true.. i miss the time where we can say 'happy together, sad together..' moments.. i still remember how the society looked at me when i'm jobless, gosh i hate to live that moment so much.. the way they talk, sometimes i think i wanna to just jump in the middle of the highway and let somebody hit me.. haha, how silly my imagination..

i talked to my dad also.. he said about buying me a car or what so ever, but i think i still not ready to pay something that much~ gosh i missed the moment i sit on his side and watching him gardening.. i missed my father beautiful and peaceful garden infront of our home in KK, i miss my father cats, which i don't know how much he got today.. haha..

hmm, forget to talk with my little brother.. i tried to imagine how was him this days.. the last time i saw him was on the day i came here, which still tall than me but skinny.. somehow, my mom said my little brother body kinda tough and not skinny anymore.. hmm, how can i win a fight with him? i still remembered last year my father bought him a set of body builder set, well.. it's kinda funny when my father blocked at the departure hall because bringing something that 'to hurt somebody' things in the plane.. but lucky him, my dad manage to bring that things on flight and bring back to him as his 15th birthday..

last raya was the first time i'm not around the family.. well, another new experience for me also.. haha, being far of the family help me to grow up? naaahhh!!! hell no!!! i think i've being more childish than i ever was.. hahaha~ people claim that i'm a stubborn person.. well, do i? i've been thinking of that alot.. hahaha, i think i just following the flow of the weird culture here.. but they still said that i'm not following the flow, i've try my best to be in the society and be part of the culture..

well, i think all said and done.. the only things right now is to go with flow, expect the unexpected and live the way you want to live, as long as you happy with your life.. just go on with your mistakes because we're not perfect.. hahaha.. peace~

Thursday, November 01, 2007

THINK, feel & Observe

yeah!! today is the well waiting day of the week.. it's off day!!~ gosh i've been waiting for this day since last sunday.. it's kinda fun, but somehow i felt so empty already.. might because i'm alone in this house or i just don't have company to hangout with.. haha, sound weird for this situation, but if i think logically.. it's normal for me.. ahaha!!~ stupid weirdo rite? when i'm in this situation, i feel like i wanna go out.. but if i'm out there, and when i'm seing so many people hangout with, it's no point for me being there alone, rite? so.. it's better for me to just stay in the house..

few things happen lately, which cause many changes in my life.. to think what happen, somehow it's feel like it the great big stupid mistakes~ to feel, naahh!!! it's doesn't bother me but if to observe, it's kinda funny.. why? stupidity and unpationate was the great stupid reason for all sake of this.. haha, how strange is that? it's normal anyway.. everythings happen wit a cause and will cause another things to happen.. sometimes, it's better to just keep in silent, observe what ever happen cause the reason if this things was just a silly miscommunication.. should i said that? hahaha.. or shall i say the real reason for all of this matter is 'dun shut up ur big stupid mouth'.. hahaha~~

i went to my office today with a smile on my face.. gosh, i like working with streamyx.. everyday is just another different day, and full of unexpecting things.. the salary will be paid tomorrow or around next week, hahaha!! can i wait without asking my parent to give me loan some money to survive? well, all i can do is to try my best.. today is today, tomorrow for tomorrow, rite? it's kinda hard to go to work without transportation.. have to rent a cab to go which cost about rm15 a day.. gosh! i need a car!! but, after all i've been through lately, it's better to just go on with the taxi than have a car on your own.. rite?

i've just realize that in life, i've hurt so many people with or without my realization.. strange or normal? it's normal rite? somehow, your action or your words it's just a like you always said, a silly things but it will cause a big things to others.. need to understand actually, but what can i do to make them understand my reaction? it's like i've done my part, please do understand the reason and u just have to do your part, as simple as that.. always, people only think their rights and of coz, big effect will be on u.. hahaha, get it suckers? your part u've done something wrong, whole big things even the most 'unrealize' will be shown in front of your eyes.. isn't that just a silly things? forgive and forget, that's simple right? but people nowadays will say, forgive but never forget.. hahaha, just try to laugh, but if you on my side, you'll understand the difficulty of being centered.. you'll understand the hurt of being hurt by action and reaction.. for a silly mistake, i lost someone i love so much and by a silly reason, i miss dat person more than i ever do.. and by a silly reason, i'm here far-far away from my mum n dad.. gosh, this time and in this situation, i miss them so much.. hoping and praying that i'll never ever choose this stupid way of life.. but, done is done, action taken and to turned back is a wrong choice right now, no retreat no surrender..

come on dude, i can do it.. so do you~ you can make it.. haha, from just one little bag which fit my best cloth, i've come this far.. how can i leave it so easily? it hard for serious shit for me to came as far as this on my own.. now, i've my own bed.. which before i only borrow pillow from someone.. my own gifted drawer (thanx yus!!) and, owh.. my dvd player.. hahaha.. i dun ever can imagine i can go this far, like i said.. begining with one single bag to one whole big over limit luggage to bring back, should i? hahahha..

all said and done, but i've to think the consequences of my reaction.. does it important to be a perfect person with perfect people surround you or being alone just because you want to be yourself.. hmm, i wonder why i'm not a 'likeable' person, might be because i can't fit with the society or i just not-so-perfect person to be around with.. well, isn't FEELING is important to? i'm human also dude, i've feeling, i have a heart.. i'm not a heartless and mentionless person for everythings you've done.. might be i just keep in silent, ignored your action but when my limit reach it's point, you never can imagine what might happen..

to observe the mentionless things inside me is might not so hard, just be around me.. and soon or later you'll see the true colour of my self.. it's not cost you a thing to give it a try rite? the reason why i'm writing this is just because i'm kinda bored at this moment.. don't mention why it can be as far as this.. the idea is keep on coming.. but now, my mind empty already.. so, as simple as i began.. as simple is that i end.. til next time, peace out..

Thursday, September 06, 2007


10 days of work~ huaa.. haven’t been dis far in one big organization.. might be i’m just a level 1 worker, but i dun mind.. a friend said dat embrace wat u hv, yeah!!~ i’m embracing all the things i have.. everyday i go to work wit a smile on my face, yeah.. the word lazy still on my body but not on my mind.. sumhow, i’ve go to work~ not bcoz i hv to go but it’s about to fulfill my empty days wit empty decorations..

rite now, i’m still on my training period.. which mean, i’m still goin to work in office hour time.. haha, lucky me.. but, at the end of this month.. hell shit i’m in the shift work time.. huhu, i still dunno when i’m free~ or when i’m working.. and i dun even can manage to think, how can i survive on dis raya~ decided not goin back to sabah makes me a little bit confuse, work or family.. i’ve owez make my family as my priority than other thing.. but this time, wat can i do? goin back to sabah and quit my work? dat not a really gud things to do.. i’ve talked to my mum and dad, they said it’s ok if i’m not goin back home dis raya.. while others can, i can’t go.. huhu, gonna missed the chance to go all my friends home dis year.. it’s hard you know, even raya still a month plus to go.. but, for me as i never been home for a very long period.. goin back on dat festive season wuz a must things to do..

huaa~ it’s ok actually, i’m just making dis thing a big issue coz dis is da first time i’m away from home on dis festive season.. but it’s ok i think, idie my housemate offered me to go wit her at her hometown if i dun hv to go to work on da 1st or 2nd of raya.. well~ i think it’s better for me to stay here in d’aman ria.. nuthing much to think.. haha, maybe i’ll buy sum cookies as i’ve got any visitors.. haha, do i really wat to hv a visitors? hmm..

back to da title.. sumhow, i manage to makes a few fren in da batch.. while, i think there is sumone or two i still didn’t talk wit as i talk they didn’t answer me as i never exist infront of them.. shock me for a while but nevermind.. still remember to dat girl sit beside me on da 1st day of working.. i make a stupid joke, just to intoduce myself and maybe asking her for a drink.. but da only she can do is look back and me without any single feelings and continue looking to the monitor.. hell shit, i dun even can believe i’m embarrassing my self infront of her.. but it’s ok today.. she’s start talking and keep on talking.. and smiling~ huahua.. well.. not to think much, she’s just an officemate of mind as my heart wit sumbody else in dis world.. haha..

it’s 1.07 am already but my eyes still didn’t hv any single feeling to sleep.. tomorow wuz an interesting day to go to work.. owh, forget to tell.. in my workplace.. on the first friday every month, all employee’s are allowed to wear jeans.. hahaha!!~ beside formal attire every days.. dis days wuz da day i waited ever.. actually i dun even think dis office hv dat kind of specialties.. hehe..

well.. i’m goin to sleep~ wait for my next story~ haha -peace out-

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Karma Is A Funny Things

lately, so many things happen wit or without my expectation.. sum of da things was nice to face and vice versa.. hmm, wat a world.. once u in dis role, da next thing u realize sumbody wuz replacing ur place.. does it da things we called 'karma'? or dat just da thing called 'human satisfaction'?

i've read one of my fren YM status, 'wat goes around comes around..' sumhow, i kinda believe it coz i've experience dat thing alot.. so much until i dun even really care wat happen around me~ back to da thing i wanna talk, does actually karma is a funny things or it's really da things dat u supposed to face? haha.. or it's juz da stupidity or human being? hahaha.. stupidity is not da point here, i've decided to be on my own, be wat i like to be and live da way i supposed to be.. why do i really care?

do u agree to condiser me as a selfish and cruel person? i've been thinking about it since i've moved to this place i'm staying rite now.. dis place really makes me feel like home and confortable, i can't accept anymore being nice to da situation dat i'm not supposed to.. haha, not to forget.. dis words remain in my mind so much lately~ ' i moved bcoz i wanna ran away from my problem..' well, it might be true but since i stay there wit nuthing to care, i forgot who i really are and what i supposed to do, is dat fair between them and me? so pathetic isn't it?

since i move, many things happen to change.. i can have dis and i can have dat, without anybody to care wat did i bought or do.. i also can think about dis and say about dat, hv my own responsibelities, sumthing to work on.. go work in the morning, back in the evening.. and then, hv fun during weekend.. my life changed so much in a day.. everythings so unexpected.. this things also makes me forget to thinks wat happen around me, wat should i care? does they care about me? does they care when i'm in their situations? naaahh, hell no! they only think on their own, their rights and their mind.. so, why should i care about them? why should i'm helping them? tell me one good reason why should i'm involve in dat confusing situation..

i'm so happy to say dat i'm free to choose the way i want to live.. but, thinking of wat might happen to them makes me keep in my mind, 'wuz i a gud fren?' or 'wat can i do to help them?' so, from wat ever happen lately, i realize dat i've my own track to and i'm on it.. being a cruel person, doesn't really care wat happen in order to stay out from da problem which wuz never had a happy ending.. but, i do really hope and pray~ soon or later dis things will end.. and together live in peace and harmony..

now, i only can hope..

Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's Finally Come!!!

well, da day i ever wanted to came its finally arrived.. wit all of my passion and prayer, i finally got a job wit streamyx.. placed in the call center department and wit basic salary rm1700, dat really² makes me scream all nite long.. hahaha.. who ever expect i got the job wit dat much salary? i also don’t..

then i’ve started to dreaming of buying so much stuff.. wanna buy alot of cloth, shoes and jeans.. wanna eat all flavors of dunkin donut (my fav donut~) and wanna buy PSP beside PS2 and PS3.. haha.. wanna buy a DOPOD 818pro.. and after 3 month wanna apply credit card.. and a wira aeroback (just second hand..) which my father decided to arranged it.. is dat to much? hehe.. well.. it might to much but sumhow, it’s all the things i ever wanted if i got the job..

of coz i’ve to settle first things in da house, electricity to pay.. water also, phone line? i’ll ask shah first.. the rent of the house.. and bla bla bla.. wat so ever.. of coz i can’t do it in 1 month but i’ll try to fix it in 3 month times, hehe..

anyhow and sumhow.. i’m really happy dat i got dis job wit unexpected and unpredicted.. i wake up dat morning wit the same things in my mind, ‘wat a day to passed without a job..’ then i received a call saying dat i’m selected to dat job.. thanx to god dat finally answering my prayers..

and to u all, who hv also praying for me.. thanx a lot..

til then, peace

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Sinner Prayer's

its been a while i havent step in ur place.. i feel kinda lost n stress sumtimes n i feel guilty to ask 4 ur help only when im in trouble.. i need to rebuild myself so that i wont getting more far from u.. pls stand beside me n guide me while im changing to a new skin.. new life that will help me to change the way i threat a person so badly.. learn how to accept ur present in my life.. learn how to realy taking care of sumone that is important in my life.. n will learn how to realy understand them.. i want a revolution in my life.. so that i can independently bring myself to walk along the freshy white road.. attach myself with all the saints to move along to the end of my journey safely.. still, there's a lot things i need to learn n it will take times to solve all the puzzles in my life..

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Two Of Us


mE & krUlE - DiNe @ iKea

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Historical Malacca

well.. today is my second day in da historic city of malacca.. well, somehow i kinda feel dis city kinda interesting.. but sum place makes me feel not really confortable wit dis place, at sum place i can see people drunk in da middle of the day and laying on the street.. i wonder why dis people got nothing to do but drunk.. hurm~~

somehow, i see malacca in a new way, it’s feel like i’m in a new place (of coz i’m in a new place~) but on dis day, i know dat a farmosa not as big as i see in picture.. haha, i owez tought a farmosa is a huge place.. hahaha.. and, in malacca also i found a very nice hotel to stay, where i only open a little hot water but wat i get is a boiled water.. hahaha, almost get hurt in da shower..

i walk around to see the city, but all i can find is nothing.. hmm, need to discover more in malacca.. got to find more interesting place beside history.. huhu

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Miss Home So Much!!

little by little, day by day.. i lost my confidence of staying here in kl, da place where i enjoy living so much and where i’m now.. haha, kinda funny isn’t it? stupid to say, i love staying here but the live cost is very high and i, as an unemployed person can’t afford it..

of couse, the reason why i can’t leave this place is because of my fren around me.. i’ve enjoying so much staying out with them, where joke always funny, where smile always on our lips.. and where we can share our problem each other.. why should i leave my happiness here and go back to my hometown where i dun hv anything? of couse i live with my family where i can survive without expenses.. huhu..

i actually miss my mom and dad.. i wanna be around them owez, but sumhow.. until when i can live depending on them? i’ve to survive on my own and this is the time for me to get started.. i’ve no qualification, i can’t study anymore.. and i dun know anything except working and learn to live on my own.. earn money.. huhu..

i’m so confuse..

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Expece The Unexpected

‘breath in.. breath out.. fuuuhhh~~~’ i wonder when was the last time i’m practising it.. since nothing really unexpected happened on me for the passed few weeks.. my life was boring and it’s kinda repeating.. what i’ve done today will be the same for tomorow..

i woke up this morning when i heard leen’s voice saying something about breakfast together.. well, it’s kinda wierd for us at home to have breakfast together.. you know when you and your friends got the different of wake up time.. and suddenly, we all who lived in the house wake up at the same time and having breakfast all together.. it’s kinda abnormal but somehow i kinda like it..

and then, i decided to go to 7e to buy the star newspaper to look for any vacancies.. and which i didn’t do actually.. i read the paper and i felt kinda sleepy and almost sleep when yuni said she want to read the paper.. we then read the paper together and saw this advertising and then yuni called the company to get an information for the job.. and then the unexpected things happened.. we’ve been invited to come for an interview at 2pm! what the hell.. and the time was 11.45am already..

i’ve just thinking of spending my quality time today with yuni.. beside i’ve been planing of staying at home today and get rest for all of the bored things i’ve done for the passed few days.. i’m getting ready and for the first time for about one years, i’m wearing again the last cloth i used for the last paper i sat in the university.. haha..

then we go to cybercafe to print our resume and directly go to the company.. when we arrived, we’ve been asked to fill the form and get interviewed together.. haha, it’s kinda unexpected to.. but it was ok for me coz i’m kinda less talker person, especially when it was in english.. gosh!! it’s been a while since i’m practising the english.. i miss manila so much when i only can speak english..

back to the story.. somehow we managed to passed the interview and unexpectedly, going for a training tomorow.. i still haven’t got the job and all the things i’ve to do tomorow is do my best to impress the recruiter and then, i have the job.. still i can’t believe, i’m one step away to get my first permenant job, on my first interview here in kl.. i really hope i can get the job and i can earn my own money.. wish me luck!! haha..

ouh, just remembered.. tomorow will be nofx show in ruums club at 6pm.. and i finish my training at 6.15pm.. huhu.. and i’ve to rush goin to see the performance in my working suit.. hahaha..

til then, wish me all the luck in this world.. hope that i can get the job..

Sunday, April 15, 2007

i am confuse

well.. it’s been a while again since the last time i posted sumting here in dis blog.. kinda miss sumkind of blogging things but i couldn’t help it..u know how fast life past by this days.. having sum kind of break is kinda wierd.. u take a break and u lost sumthing, sum how i wonder the words dats better used for this phrase, u dun work u lost money.. hahaha…

it’s happen to me actually, rite now i’m still busying spending my dad and mum money but stil i can’t see wat i spent for.. i dun ever try to look for money, i miss da day i work.. da day i’m dun ever think twice of spending my money.. i miss dat so much!! now, da only things i do is thinking where i can earn money by not doin things i supposed to do.. gosh!! i miss home so much.. i wanna go back to the time where i decided to make this wrong choice.. why does when u can choose the right things to choose but still u choose wisely and make a wrong decisions? i’ve experience dat alot.. so much of it until i can’t even count~

for example, i dun even know in da first place why i decided to meet sumbody i know from dis website and the only things i know, i’m in luv wit dat person.. and soon after dat, i’m rushing dat person and dat person said to me dat we need time to know each other, which is fine wit me.. like the song of first lady, never be replace.. ‘baby i luv u, and i never let u go.. but if i had to, boy i think dat u should know.. all the luv we made, can never be erase.. and i promise u dat u never be replaced..’ dis songs is really nice, when i heard it for da 1st time, da only song i really want to hear is dis song..

still, i chuz dat person to be wit even though dat person hurt me.. gosh, it’s never can imagine the hurt u felt when u r rejected.. haha, i dun know wat should i feel now, i dun know wat should i do.. i dun know da best to do.. accepting dat person into my life? or back to the track where i decided to change da lane and follow the wrong one.. why can’t us decide da best choice? still we chuz to hurt ourselves and when u r hurt, u’ll be on the sides of tears and painfull..

i can say to my fren, be hard and dun spoil ur tears for the person u think is u lover.. but, still i can’t help.. i miss my mum, da time i spent wit her.. makes me forgot all the troubles i got.. even da bigest one, still if i’m on da side of my mum, i can smile and forget da problems.. i miss my hardworking dad, the rock-side of his long hair.. miss him so much, miss da time of seing him on our yard gardening.. miss my little brother an his rm1800 handphone he got for getting a gud result in pmr.. da simple way to say is i miss HOME~ i wanna go back home, but still i’m here.. stuck wit my own ego and my wise decision.. stupid me rite?

but sumhow, i can say is staying here is da change for me to live on my own.. i’m gonna start to look for money.. dun mind where as long as i can have money to live with asking help again from my mum.. huhu

gosh, i’m so confuse rite now..

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One Day In My Life

dis morning i woke up after yuni give me a gud bye kiss on my head.. but, i couldn’t open my eyes to see her go coz i’m so sleepy.. a little bit touch wit dat, wish i can hug her and say gud bye to her.. coz i’ll only be seing her in about a week from now.. few minutes after dat, leen came home and bought already the lunch but only for her.. a little bit angry coz i’ve to go down alone to buy food and drinks while her already having her lunch..

then, i decide i only brush my teeth and wash my face.. i wore dun-know-when i wear the shirt and go down to buy the lunch set on the lorry (the makcik lorry stall.. haha) people live in kelana jaya, especially who working in kelana parkview will familiar wit this lorry.. i luv to buy there coz it’s cheaper and kinda delicious.. today, my lunch meal only rm4 including the cincau drinks.. actually, i wanna have teh o ice limau but then i decided to buy cincau, kinda sweety things, which is my favourite.. i looked to my watch and it’s already 12.. so, i canceled my plan to call my mum coz i know her busy rite now.. then, i decided to go home after i checked my account balance~ nyahaha.. got da money already!! happy to live rite now..

then, i eat my lunch while talking wit leen.. i dun really remember wat we talked about but in the same time we watch the ‘real story’ or kisah benar.. it’s a kinda funny episode they played today.. then, leen decided to fixed her cloth and i’ve to moved a little bit, coz she got to many cloth to fixed..

soon after dat, she’s goin out wit redza, her boyfren and left me at home wit sasha.. i continue my day by online for few hour.. then i go to mrclean laundry to do laundry.. and goin to giant to buy some stuff to make nasi lemak.. haha, i’m doin da father style already.. goin to the market and buy sum stuff for dinner.. while sasha cooking~ haha..

before eating dinner, i go to swimming first.. my daily routine here in kl.. i only missed 1 time to swim, dat bcoz i came late from bukit jalil.. haha.. still remember dat nite when i wuz so scared missed the last train.. haha.. and for da 1st time i’ll able to finished swimming from one side of the pool to the other side~ kinda happy wit dat..

then, after i bored wit swimming.. i go back to home and eat sasha’s nasi lemak wit the most sour sambal i ever taste.. azriq came to the house and then we go out to kl to fetch her girl and then i’m rite here on my favourite spot to wrote on dis blog.. wat a day~

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Day I Felt So Lonely

sumtimes, sumthing happen without u expecting to happen.. u’ve plan da besh, but still god the creator will decide da things will be run smoothly or not.. we, just a human, only can be thankful for wat ever happen to us.. everything happen in dis world have pro and contras.. who knows wat worst happen today will be sumthing gud happen tomorow rite?

look at me.. i didn’t expect to live in kl nowadays.. supposed i’m in kk rite now, be wit my family and run my family business.. i can enjoy money, and spend it to wat i want.. but, rite now i’m stuck here and the only things i can do is try to live happily like i was in kk.. thank god i god fren here who supported me, be wit me all in my down and sad day.. helping me to relax when i feel like i wanna go crazy, haha.. kinda funny when i think about this.. but, it’s my choice and wat ever happen i’ve to face it.. hahaha.. life is a funny things, wat a very weird world..

mum and dad, i really miss u so much.. being away from both of u makes me realize how much i luv u, and how much both of u meant to me.. rite now i’ve to be here far away from u, until the day i’ll never leave u again.. and i hope dat time come soon.. luv ya!~

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Here I Am ...

well, here i am again~ in starbucks in the curve doin dis blog.. haha.. i think i only updating my blog when i’m in KL, never had a chance to update it when i’m in sabah~ and rite now, i’ll hv so many time to update it..

rite now, i’m wit yus n sasha.. hanging around, chatting.. and having fun here in starbucks.. b4, there wuz meme and lia also, but they go to ikea to hv dinner.. so, here 3 of us just online and surfing the net.. sasha texting sumbody while yus doin sumting i dun really know.. haha..

while yunie in kuala selangor wit her work, i miss both of her cat so much.. leen, arza, bed and ira in kuantan for jom heboh tv3 fiesta~ azriq wit his family.. shah, i dun know where.. wan in PD, huh.. supposed i’m in PD rite now..

well, til then aite~ peace out

Sunday, March 04, 2007


ah~ it’s been a while since the last time i wrote sumthing here~ miss blogging so much.. well, i’m kinda busy wit my stuff, besides i dun know wat should i put here..

anyway, too many stuff i wanna say~ but sumhow i’m not in a mood to write in down~ kinda tired, kinda lazy also.. haha..

til next time, peace aite~

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back To Where I Begin

well, kinda boring being here.. life just da same as i predicted, nuthing to do.. haha.. wake up, working.. goin out, and then sleep.. eat+drink as owez but less getting drunk~ wat da hell is happen to me? am i being normal? wat da hell is dat.. normal is boring, duhh~

rite here, i’m in my home doin nuthing 2 do.. haha.. kinda stupid but sum how i like to be dis way, but it’s hurt me so much at the same time.. huhu.. i’m surrounded by sorrow and unhappiness.. i miss my real life, i miss my frens.. and i miss my place.. but, wat da hell i can do? just let it be and take it easy? duh~ still it’s hurt me so much.. all i want it happiness, but why it’s so hard for me to find it?

help me! i’m drown in my own tears..

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