Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One Day In My Life

dis morning i woke up after yuni give me a gud bye kiss on my head.. but, i couldn’t open my eyes to see her go coz i’m so sleepy.. a little bit touch wit dat, wish i can hug her and say gud bye to her.. coz i’ll only be seing her in about a week from now.. few minutes after dat, leen came home and bought already the lunch but only for her.. a little bit angry coz i’ve to go down alone to buy food and drinks while her already having her lunch..

then, i decide i only brush my teeth and wash my face.. i wore dun-know-when i wear the shirt and go down to buy the lunch set on the lorry (the makcik lorry stall.. haha) people live in kelana jaya, especially who working in kelana parkview will familiar wit this lorry.. i luv to buy there coz it’s cheaper and kinda delicious.. today, my lunch meal only rm4 including the cincau drinks.. actually, i wanna have teh o ice limau but then i decided to buy cincau, kinda sweety things, which is my favourite.. i looked to my watch and it’s already 12.. so, i canceled my plan to call my mum coz i know her busy rite now.. then, i decided to go home after i checked my account balance~ nyahaha.. got da money already!! happy to live rite now..

then, i eat my lunch while talking wit leen.. i dun really remember wat we talked about but in the same time we watch the ‘real story’ or kisah benar.. it’s a kinda funny episode they played today.. then, leen decided to fixed her cloth and i’ve to moved a little bit, coz she got to many cloth to fixed..

soon after dat, she’s goin out wit redza, her boyfren and left me at home wit sasha.. i continue my day by online for few hour.. then i go to mrclean laundry to do laundry.. and goin to giant to buy some stuff to make nasi lemak.. haha, i’m doin da father style already.. goin to the market and buy sum stuff for dinner.. while sasha cooking~ haha..

before eating dinner, i go to swimming first.. my daily routine here in kl.. i only missed 1 time to swim, dat bcoz i came late from bukit jalil.. haha.. still remember dat nite when i wuz so scared missed the last train.. haha.. and for da 1st time i’ll able to finished swimming from one side of the pool to the other side~ kinda happy wit dat..

then, after i bored wit swimming.. i go back to home and eat sasha’s nasi lemak wit the most sour sambal i ever taste.. azriq came to the house and then we go out to kl to fetch her girl and then i’m rite here on my favourite spot to wrote on dis blog.. wat a day~

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Day I Felt So Lonely

sumtimes, sumthing happen without u expecting to happen.. u’ve plan da besh, but still god the creator will decide da things will be run smoothly or not.. we, just a human, only can be thankful for wat ever happen to us.. everything happen in dis world have pro and contras.. who knows wat worst happen today will be sumthing gud happen tomorow rite?

look at me.. i didn’t expect to live in kl nowadays.. supposed i’m in kk rite now, be wit my family and run my family business.. i can enjoy money, and spend it to wat i want.. but, rite now i’m stuck here and the only things i can do is try to live happily like i was in kk.. thank god i god fren here who supported me, be wit me all in my down and sad day.. helping me to relax when i feel like i wanna go crazy, haha.. kinda funny when i think about this.. but, it’s my choice and wat ever happen i’ve to face it.. hahaha.. life is a funny things, wat a very weird world..

mum and dad, i really miss u so much.. being away from both of u makes me realize how much i luv u, and how much both of u meant to me.. rite now i’ve to be here far away from u, until the day i’ll never leave u again.. and i hope dat time come soon.. luv ya!~

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Here I Am ...

well, here i am again~ in starbucks in the curve doin dis blog.. haha.. i think i only updating my blog when i’m in KL, never had a chance to update it when i’m in sabah~ and rite now, i’ll hv so many time to update it..

rite now, i’m wit yus n sasha.. hanging around, chatting.. and having fun here in starbucks.. b4, there wuz meme and lia also, but they go to ikea to hv dinner.. so, here 3 of us just online and surfing the net.. sasha texting sumbody while yus doin sumting i dun really know.. haha..

while yunie in kuala selangor wit her work, i miss both of her cat so much.. leen, arza, bed and ira in kuantan for jom heboh tv3 fiesta~ azriq wit his family.. shah, i dun know where.. wan in PD, huh.. supposed i’m in PD rite now..

well, til then aite~ peace out

Sunday, March 04, 2007


ah~ it’s been a while since the last time i wrote sumthing here~ miss blogging so much.. well, i’m kinda busy wit my stuff, besides i dun know wat should i put here..

anyway, too many stuff i wanna say~ but sumhow i’m not in a mood to write in down~ kinda tired, kinda lazy also.. haha..

til next time, peace aite~

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