Monday, March 19, 2007

The Day I Felt So Lonely

sumtimes, sumthing happen without u expecting to happen.. u’ve plan da besh, but still god the creator will decide da things will be run smoothly or not.. we, just a human, only can be thankful for wat ever happen to us.. everything happen in dis world have pro and contras.. who knows wat worst happen today will be sumthing gud happen tomorow rite?

look at me.. i didn’t expect to live in kl nowadays.. supposed i’m in kk rite now, be wit my family and run my family business.. i can enjoy money, and spend it to wat i want.. but, rite now i’m stuck here and the only things i can do is try to live happily like i was in kk.. thank god i god fren here who supported me, be wit me all in my down and sad day.. helping me to relax when i feel like i wanna go crazy, haha.. kinda funny when i think about this.. but, it’s my choice and wat ever happen i’ve to face it.. hahaha.. life is a funny things, wat a very weird world..

mum and dad, i really miss u so much.. being away from both of u makes me realize how much i luv u, and how much both of u meant to me.. rite now i’ve to be here far away from u, until the day i’ll never leave u again.. and i hope dat time come soon.. luv ya!~

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