Saturday, March 10, 2007

Here I Am ...

well, here i am again~ in starbucks in the curve doin dis blog.. haha.. i think i only updating my blog when i’m in KL, never had a chance to update it when i’m in sabah~ and rite now, i’ll hv so many time to update it..

rite now, i’m wit yus n sasha.. hanging around, chatting.. and having fun here in starbucks.. b4, there wuz meme and lia also, but they go to ikea to hv dinner.. so, here 3 of us just online and surfing the net.. sasha texting sumbody while yus doin sumting i dun really know.. haha..

while yunie in kuala selangor wit her work, i miss both of her cat so much.. leen, arza, bed and ira in kuantan for jom heboh tv3 fiesta~ azriq wit his family.. shah, i dun know where.. wan in PD, huh.. supposed i’m in PD rite now..

well, til then aite~ peace out

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