Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Expece The Unexpected

‘breath in.. breath out.. fuuuhhh~~~’ i wonder when was the last time i’m practising it.. since nothing really unexpected happened on me for the passed few weeks.. my life was boring and it’s kinda repeating.. what i’ve done today will be the same for tomorow..

i woke up this morning when i heard leen’s voice saying something about breakfast together.. well, it’s kinda wierd for us at home to have breakfast together.. you know when you and your friends got the different of wake up time.. and suddenly, we all who lived in the house wake up at the same time and having breakfast all together.. it’s kinda abnormal but somehow i kinda like it..

and then, i decided to go to 7e to buy the star newspaper to look for any vacancies.. and which i didn’t do actually.. i read the paper and i felt kinda sleepy and almost sleep when yuni said she want to read the paper.. we then read the paper together and saw this advertising and then yuni called the company to get an information for the job.. and then the unexpected things happened.. we’ve been invited to come for an interview at 2pm! what the hell.. and the time was 11.45am already..

i’ve just thinking of spending my quality time today with yuni.. beside i’ve been planing of staying at home today and get rest for all of the bored things i’ve done for the passed few days.. i’m getting ready and for the first time for about one years, i’m wearing again the last cloth i used for the last paper i sat in the university.. haha..

then we go to cybercafe to print our resume and directly go to the company.. when we arrived, we’ve been asked to fill the form and get interviewed together.. haha, it’s kinda unexpected to.. but it was ok for me coz i’m kinda less talker person, especially when it was in english.. gosh!! it’s been a while since i’m practising the english.. i miss manila so much when i only can speak english..

back to the story.. somehow we managed to passed the interview and unexpectedly, going for a training tomorow.. i still haven’t got the job and all the things i’ve to do tomorow is do my best to impress the recruiter and then, i have the job.. still i can’t believe, i’m one step away to get my first permenant job, on my first interview here in kl.. i really hope i can get the job and i can earn my own money.. wish me luck!! haha..

ouh, just remembered.. tomorow will be nofx show in ruums club at 6pm.. and i finish my training at 6.15pm.. huhu.. and i’ve to rush goin to see the performance in my working suit.. hahaha..

til then, wish me all the luck in this world.. hope that i can get the job..

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