Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Miss Home So Much!!

little by little, day by day.. i lost my confidence of staying here in kl, da place where i enjoy living so much and where i’m now.. haha, kinda funny isn’t it? stupid to say, i love staying here but the live cost is very high and i, as an unemployed person can’t afford it..

of couse, the reason why i can’t leave this place is because of my fren around me.. i’ve enjoying so much staying out with them, where joke always funny, where smile always on our lips.. and where we can share our problem each other.. why should i leave my happiness here and go back to my hometown where i dun hv anything? of couse i live with my family where i can survive without expenses.. huhu..

i actually miss my mom and dad.. i wanna be around them owez, but sumhow.. until when i can live depending on them? i’ve to survive on my own and this is the time for me to get started.. i’ve no qualification, i can’t study anymore.. and i dun know anything except working and learn to live on my own.. earn money.. huhu..

i’m so confuse..

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