Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Historical Malacca

well.. today is my second day in da historic city of malacca.. well, somehow i kinda feel dis city kinda interesting.. but sum place makes me feel not really confortable wit dis place, at sum place i can see people drunk in da middle of the day and laying on the street.. i wonder why dis people got nothing to do but drunk.. hurm~~

somehow, i see malacca in a new way, it’s feel like i’m in a new place (of coz i’m in a new place~) but on dis day, i know dat a farmosa not as big as i see in picture.. haha, i owez tought a farmosa is a huge place.. hahaha.. and, in malacca also i found a very nice hotel to stay, where i only open a little hot water but wat i get is a boiled water.. hahaha, almost get hurt in da shower..

i walk around to see the city, but all i can find is nothing.. hmm, need to discover more in malacca.. got to find more interesting place beside history.. huhu

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