Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's Finally Come!!!

well, da day i ever wanted to came its finally arrived.. wit all of my passion and prayer, i finally got a job wit streamyx.. placed in the call center department and wit basic salary rm1700, dat really² makes me scream all nite long.. hahaha.. who ever expect i got the job wit dat much salary? i also don’t..

then i’ve started to dreaming of buying so much stuff.. wanna buy alot of cloth, shoes and jeans.. wanna eat all flavors of dunkin donut (my fav donut~) and wanna buy PSP beside PS2 and PS3.. haha.. wanna buy a DOPOD 818pro.. and after 3 month wanna apply credit card.. and a wira aeroback (just second hand..) which my father decided to arranged it.. is dat to much? hehe.. well.. it might to much but sumhow, it’s all the things i ever wanted if i got the job..

of coz i’ve to settle first things in da house, electricity to pay.. water also, phone line? i’ll ask shah first.. the rent of the house.. and bla bla bla.. wat so ever.. of coz i can’t do it in 1 month but i’ll try to fix it in 3 month times, hehe..

anyhow and sumhow.. i’m really happy dat i got dis job wit unexpected and unpredicted.. i wake up dat morning wit the same things in my mind, ‘wat a day to passed without a job..’ then i received a call saying dat i’m selected to dat job.. thanx to god dat finally answering my prayers..

and to u all, who hv also praying for me.. thanx a lot..

til then, peace

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