Thursday, August 30, 2007

Karma Is A Funny Things

lately, so many things happen wit or without my expectation.. sum of da things was nice to face and vice versa.. hmm, wat a world.. once u in dis role, da next thing u realize sumbody wuz replacing ur place.. does it da things we called 'karma'? or dat just da thing called 'human satisfaction'?

i've read one of my fren YM status, 'wat goes around comes around..' sumhow, i kinda believe it coz i've experience dat thing alot.. so much until i dun even really care wat happen around me~ back to da thing i wanna talk, does actually karma is a funny things or it's really da things dat u supposed to face? haha.. or it's juz da stupidity or human being? hahaha.. stupidity is not da point here, i've decided to be on my own, be wat i like to be and live da way i supposed to be.. why do i really care?

do u agree to condiser me as a selfish and cruel person? i've been thinking about it since i've moved to this place i'm staying rite now.. dis place really makes me feel like home and confortable, i can't accept anymore being nice to da situation dat i'm not supposed to.. haha, not to forget.. dis words remain in my mind so much lately~ ' i moved bcoz i wanna ran away from my problem..' well, it might be true but since i stay there wit nuthing to care, i forgot who i really are and what i supposed to do, is dat fair between them and me? so pathetic isn't it?

since i move, many things happen to change.. i can have dis and i can have dat, without anybody to care wat did i bought or do.. i also can think about dis and say about dat, hv my own responsibelities, sumthing to work on.. go work in the morning, back in the evening.. and then, hv fun during weekend.. my life changed so much in a day.. everythings so unexpected.. this things also makes me forget to thinks wat happen around me, wat should i care? does they care about me? does they care when i'm in their situations? naaahh, hell no! they only think on their own, their rights and their mind.. so, why should i care about them? why should i'm helping them? tell me one good reason why should i'm involve in dat confusing situation..

i'm so happy to say dat i'm free to choose the way i want to live.. but, thinking of wat might happen to them makes me keep in my mind, 'wuz i a gud fren?' or 'wat can i do to help them?' so, from wat ever happen lately, i realize dat i've my own track to and i'm on it.. being a cruel person, doesn't really care wat happen in order to stay out from da problem which wuz never had a happy ending.. but, i do really hope and pray~ soon or later dis things will end.. and together live in peace and harmony..

now, i only can hope..

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  1. Hahaha!!

    Talk about Karma..

    I've downloaded the TV Series, My Name Is Earl..

    It a good + DAMN FUNNY stories about Karma..

    Watch it, u'll know what karma ia all about..



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