Monday, August 20, 2007

A Sinner Prayer's

its been a while i havent step in ur place.. i feel kinda lost n stress sumtimes n i feel guilty to ask 4 ur help only when im in trouble.. i need to rebuild myself so that i wont getting more far from u.. pls stand beside me n guide me while im changing to a new skin.. new life that will help me to change the way i threat a person so badly.. learn how to accept ur present in my life.. learn how to realy taking care of sumone that is important in my life.. n will learn how to realy understand them.. i want a revolution in my life.. so that i can independently bring myself to walk along the freshy white road.. attach myself with all the saints to move along to the end of my journey safely.. still, there's a lot things i need to learn n it will take times to solve all the puzzles in my life..

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