Thursday, September 06, 2007


10 days of work~ huaa.. haven’t been dis far in one big organization.. might be i’m just a level 1 worker, but i dun mind.. a friend said dat embrace wat u hv, yeah!!~ i’m embracing all the things i have.. everyday i go to work wit a smile on my face, yeah.. the word lazy still on my body but not on my mind.. sumhow, i’ve go to work~ not bcoz i hv to go but it’s about to fulfill my empty days wit empty decorations..

rite now, i’m still on my training period.. which mean, i’m still goin to work in office hour time.. haha, lucky me.. but, at the end of this month.. hell shit i’m in the shift work time.. huhu, i still dunno when i’m free~ or when i’m working.. and i dun even can manage to think, how can i survive on dis raya~ decided not goin back to sabah makes me a little bit confuse, work or family.. i’ve owez make my family as my priority than other thing.. but this time, wat can i do? goin back to sabah and quit my work? dat not a really gud things to do.. i’ve talked to my mum and dad, they said it’s ok if i’m not goin back home dis raya.. while others can, i can’t go.. huhu, gonna missed the chance to go all my friends home dis year.. it’s hard you know, even raya still a month plus to go.. but, for me as i never been home for a very long period.. goin back on dat festive season wuz a must things to do..

huaa~ it’s ok actually, i’m just making dis thing a big issue coz dis is da first time i’m away from home on dis festive season.. but it’s ok i think, idie my housemate offered me to go wit her at her hometown if i dun hv to go to work on da 1st or 2nd of raya.. well~ i think it’s better for me to stay here in d’aman ria.. nuthing much to think.. haha, maybe i’ll buy sum cookies as i’ve got any visitors.. haha, do i really wat to hv a visitors? hmm..

back to da title.. sumhow, i manage to makes a few fren in da batch.. while, i think there is sumone or two i still didn’t talk wit as i talk they didn’t answer me as i never exist infront of them.. shock me for a while but nevermind.. still remember to dat girl sit beside me on da 1st day of working.. i make a stupid joke, just to intoduce myself and maybe asking her for a drink.. but da only she can do is look back and me without any single feelings and continue looking to the monitor.. hell shit, i dun even can believe i’m embarrassing my self infront of her.. but it’s ok today.. she’s start talking and keep on talking.. and smiling~ huahua.. well.. not to think much, she’s just an officemate of mind as my heart wit sumbody else in dis world.. haha..

it’s 1.07 am already but my eyes still didn’t hv any single feeling to sleep.. tomorow wuz an interesting day to go to work.. owh, forget to tell.. in my workplace.. on the first friday every month, all employee’s are allowed to wear jeans.. hahaha!!~ beside formal attire every days.. dis days wuz da day i waited ever.. actually i dun even think dis office hv dat kind of specialties.. hehe..

well.. i’m goin to sleep~ wait for my next story~ haha -peace out-

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