Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Invitation


I received this invitation 15 minutes after midnight, i'm quite shock because with this person i only talk to him when i need some opinion with some unfamiliar problem, need some help or asking for a five minutes break. He said don't forget to come, and bring all of your friend also. I nod as a sign of yes, and i watch him goes back to his place. Then, i opened the envelope and i read the content, the card seems to be a simple card but must be meaning full to the person who own it. Yeah, it's their day to celebrate. I tried to ignore it but somehow this invitation card makes me think all night long. Many question surrounded my brick-hard brain, but the most question i can't never forget 'when my turn will be'? or 'will i ever get married?' Haha..
I always talk with leez my dream wedding plan. Leez seems to be interested to hear, i said to her i want my marriage to be held in my home in Sabah while her dream marriage was the garden wedding. I close my eyes to imagine her wedding, she's must be very sweet in her wedding gown while me, i'm looking for the girl in my life.
Haha.. when will it be? or, will it be?
To Fareez and Marfuzah, hope your marriage will last forever, stay blessed!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Syikin, Afiq & Me

Me, Saiful, Dzul & Leez

Saiful, Leez, Ain & Afiq

Saiful, Me & Leez

Leez, Syikin & Me
Well, today~ all of us working together and.. haha, the fun begin! Hope our friendship will last forever dude!~ ur rock!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Starbucks Pic


Kinda missed the moment i stayed in starbucks..

Saturday, February 09, 2008

day off

have you ever think to get away from your daily routine, your problems.. your bored life and having fun on your own? doing the most fun ever things you want to do before your busy-with-working, or out from problem situation? well, i've been imagining to do this thing ever.. and suddenly, like nothing.. the chance come and, i'm here!! hehe..

it's been a while actually, before this i always sit for few hours in starbuck.. with my laptop as my true friends.. having my java chip afogato style (can you believe that?) and looking everybody around while i'm thinking i'm in love with the person that i like to see, haha.. funny isn't it? after i started working, i think i only have went to starbucks for 3 times, or maybe less.. i don't have the time to get out and spend my quality time alone, even this is the thing i like the most..

taken some pic.. but will upload it later.. don't have cable here to connect my pda to this laptop..

Friday, February 08, 2008

gong xi fa 'CHOI'??

I'm working today, on the first day of chinese new year. It's normal for me to work on a public holiday. Haha, i love working besides i don't have anything else to do. I woke up at 4pm (can u ever imagine how late i'm going to be..), thanx to saiful for give me a wake up call.. hehe..

I arrived at office few minutes before 5. My shift supposed started on 4.30pm, hehe.. Thanx God jeeva still on leave for his never-invite-me wedding day. I wonder who ever the lady that married with jeeva. Jeeva did told me about his marriage few month ago and i think that was around the corner. Jeeva is a nice guy actually, he guided me to the exellences but i'm the one who didn't follow his guidelines. Who's wrong in this part? haha..

I've taken few pics..

This is me in Azmali's Helmet..

Me & Abe, his father is kelantanese while his mother is sabahan, he can't speak sabah slang.. huhu

Me & Zainul a.k.a Pak Nun, he's just a nice friends with a *&^% mouth.. hehe

saiful and pak nun.. photogenic huh?
Well, just hoping that our friendship will last forever.. hahaha, will continue taking picture with others few days on.. they are on leave today..

till then, peace out

Thursday, February 07, 2008



Me & Dad, yeah!!~ the coolest dad on earth..

And, this is mum.. wearing her rm500++ spectacles (gosh!!~)

This picture taken a moment before i entered the departure hall, going back from KK to KL.. i missed my mom and dad alot.. huhu..

Wednesday, February 06, 2008



well, this is me and my colleague, leez.. with the background of 'Eyes On Malaysia'..

Tuesday, February 05, 2008



Me and my office mate during our lunch time, and after 'Living The Brand' training..

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