Saturday, February 09, 2008

day off

have you ever think to get away from your daily routine, your problems.. your bored life and having fun on your own? doing the most fun ever things you want to do before your busy-with-working, or out from problem situation? well, i've been imagining to do this thing ever.. and suddenly, like nothing.. the chance come and, i'm here!! hehe..

it's been a while actually, before this i always sit for few hours in starbuck.. with my laptop as my true friends.. having my java chip afogato style (can you believe that?) and looking everybody around while i'm thinking i'm in love with the person that i like to see, haha.. funny isn't it? after i started working, i think i only have went to starbucks for 3 times, or maybe less.. i don't have the time to get out and spend my quality time alone, even this is the thing i like the most..

taken some pic.. but will upload it later.. don't have cable here to connect my pda to this laptop..

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