Friday, February 08, 2008

gong xi fa 'CHOI'??

I'm working today, on the first day of chinese new year. It's normal for me to work on a public holiday. Haha, i love working besides i don't have anything else to do. I woke up at 4pm (can u ever imagine how late i'm going to be..), thanx to saiful for give me a wake up call.. hehe..

I arrived at office few minutes before 5. My shift supposed started on 4.30pm, hehe.. Thanx God jeeva still on leave for his never-invite-me wedding day. I wonder who ever the lady that married with jeeva. Jeeva did told me about his marriage few month ago and i think that was around the corner. Jeeva is a nice guy actually, he guided me to the exellences but i'm the one who didn't follow his guidelines. Who's wrong in this part? haha..

I've taken few pics..

This is me in Azmali's Helmet..

Me & Abe, his father is kelantanese while his mother is sabahan, he can't speak sabah slang.. huhu

Me & Zainul a.k.a Pak Nun, he's just a nice friends with a *&^% mouth.. hehe

saiful and pak nun.. photogenic huh?
Well, just hoping that our friendship will last forever.. hahaha, will continue taking picture with others few days on.. they are on leave today..

till then, peace out

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