Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An Invitation

I received this invitation 15 minutes after midnight, i'm quite shock because with this person i only talk to him when i need some opinion with some unfamiliar problem, need some help or asking for a five minutes break. He said don't forget to come, and bring all of your friend also. I nod as a sign of yes, and i watch him goes back to his place. Then, i opened the envelope and i read the content, the card seems to be a simple card but must be meaning full to the person who own it. Yeah, it's their day to celebrate. I tried to ignore it but somehow this invitation card makes me think all night long. Many question surrounded my brick-hard brain, but the most question i can't never forget 'when my turn will be'? or 'will i ever get married?' Haha..
I always talk with leez my dream wedding plan. Leez seems to be interested to hear, i said to her i want my marriage to be held in my home in Sabah while her dream marriage was the garden wedding. I close my eyes to imagine her wedding, she's must be very sweet in her wedding gown while me, i'm looking for the girl in my life.
Haha.. when will it be? or, will it be?
To Fareez and Marfuzah, hope your marriage will last forever, stay blessed!!

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  1. one day it wud be dude~...but at the same time u have to accept faith fr0m
    GOD..wat is ur faith?..only GOD kn0ws dat..at a mean time, just appreciate pers0n who l0ve and taking care of u..hehehe~


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