Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Life, New Chance.. New Beginning...

Well, today actually is just the same like the previous day. But, while I reached the office, I've been offered from my friend a work at HP call centre as their customer services for US customer with the basic salary RM2200, including the allowances my monthly salary might reached rm2600 or rm2700. I'll have to pay my income tax for an income that much! Haha.. And, I'll start my work at their centre on 3rd of May, which is less than a week from now. I'm a little bit confuse, and that person, Mr Mani ask me to come for an interview (then I found out that he's just the agent for HP customer service) tomorow at 2.oo pm. I excited already, and I've said to myself that I'll go for an interview, do my best and get the job, get the salary, speak american english.. what-so-ever, I must get that job..

Then, I went to the office, preparing my workplace as usual before my team leader came and offered me to work at TM Tower. For a moment, I tought that he's speaking with another person but since I'm the only one at that place, I'm quite shock. Yeah, as my few month back performace is not quite good, which one of the reason I didn't go for second level, how come this good offer he offered me to go. Why not to other of my colleague that perfoming well every month? I started to think that he don't want to see me at the office then kick me out to TM and vanished me from his sight. He then explained that I'll be one from the first batch to handle the services for the merger of TM telephony and data services and internet services, which me the merging of VADS ltd to Telecom itself. Easy to say, no more VADS. I'll be working under the TM. Sort of I think. I've been dreaming of working at the tower since my first visit during the iCare training. Then, I've got the chance. Will I take it? Yes, I'll go for sure. Forget the HP and go for TM.

The next day, on 30th April 2008, I've got an interview with the government. Great deal also but I didn't put my full faith on it. I don't know why, until now I didn't even prepare for it. Same with the HP offer, I want to go, I want the salary, based on my experience I know I can go and lied a little bit, speak with my confidence, get the job then work at HP. But I'm stuck with my own dream and mostly with my sweet friends at VADS. I've spoke with my mom and dad, they said it's my choice. I've got the chance and it's me to decide, not them anymore. What's the best for me, they will go with it. Still, I'm confuse.

Then, my day started with most of the time I speak to every person that passed by on my desk, asking when is their off day. Which then I get from tomorow until Wednesday. Yeah, there's a chance for me to take a picture and paste on my resume. Hehe. On break time, I didn't eat much because I've been thinking of the HP offer and the TM offer. Both of the offer is great, but I don't know which one to choose of. Either VADS of HP, both of it offered a good salary (VADS offered less actually, but I don't mind. Haha) I've been thinking actually. Was it OK for me to stick with my daily routine or start a new one. Working at HP started on 3am or work like usual (my sheet at VADS started 4.30pm until 2.00am on my work day) or at the tower i'll start at 8.00am. Forget about working with the government, I'll go the interview for sure. Working with the government is my long term goal. But, how about this short term goal? Should I accept the HP offer or just go for the TM? It's tomorow to decide.

Owh, this day, two of my good friend, Haq and Ahmad Safuan not working with TM anymore. All the best my friend.

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