Saturday, May 03, 2008

Work and friend, which will win?

I went to the office today with not much different as always. Just, today I use another taxi service (my favourite taxi is public cab but the didn't manage to assign a taxi). I reached the office as expected and I managed to preparing myself for today work soon before my shift started.

I was arranging my shift time and off day using Haq schedule (I know his password, hehe) when suddenly when I finished and refreshed the page, my schedule on week 5th May until 11th May suddenly change to off. Blank to the situation, I decided to refreshed again the page before whole of my schedule change to off. I remained silence to think what is the cause of the things before I then realize my schedule erased because I was selected for the FMCC project.

I was happy by then. Working at TM tower was my only dream. But, when I think about my colleague, Moni.. Leez, Saiful.. Fadhil.. then I realize that the fun will not joining me to the tower. We used to hangout every night and every month, laughing and make fun of each other. But, somehow I'm gonna missed that moment.

It's funny right. Some of our decision will hurt but it's actually for our own sake, to be success in the future.

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