Saturday, April 19, 2008

This side of the rainbow..

chill!! hell yeah it's been a while since i post something here. Nothing much really happened this few days (month actually..) but, some interesting stuff happen.. Which is, i'm not attached to someone.. or that one or this one.. Haha, at the first moment, it's kinda hurt me so much. But, day by day.. little by little, i've learned to let the things go.. and happily ever after.. -wink-

speaking of leaving, actually.. this is not the first time. Did i ever mention to you i always been dump by others? Nah! that's a lied actually, i never been dump but i always dump.. :P It's actually not a very good things to do, but, when the person still could read and understand your words, why still you wait to hurt dat person? it's better you dump that person as soon as possibe.. i repeat, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! haha

That person always ask, what is the point of i'm choosing my friends not spending my time with somebody i love. Correction here, i love my friends more that i love my lover. How's that? Even though you are my couple, it's doesn't mean we'll last forever. Oh gosh, i always been thinking, why on earth i ever want to love you!! Silly mistakes..

I love my friend because they understand what i need, who am i, what i'll be.. and yeah, it's not the same when its come to the loving relationship. In a relationship, the stuff that you always do with your friends might ruin the relationship itself. Why should i? For example, i owed this person (one of my lover) some money, and when i decided to leave that person, that person want his money as soon as possible. Before that, that person will never ask about the money. Why? Because of love i guess. Haha.. Dun worry laa, i how much i owe you, will pay it later.

That's shows that person true colours..

and, friends stay forever..

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