Thursday, May 01, 2008

When Everythings Goes Wrong

Ever wondered when you think all things in your life was just in a perfect planing but suddenly, without you realizing it and when you've planned all things perfectly, every single things that you've plan PERFECTLY just went wrong. And imagine if the things last for almost two day. Try to imagine, from 1-10, where's my stress level?

It's all started when I got the offer to work for HP. I then decided to go (if you're reading my previous blog, I decided not to attend the interview) and I kept on imagining my future salary which about reached rm3k. I smile on my bed, imagining to buy this car, to buy that furniture, to buy this stuff almost all night long. And as a result, I woke up at 11am and miss the appointment which was schedule about 10am. Silly me. my friend keep calling but I ignoring the call. Then, I decided to not to accept the offer and just go for the government interview, or just stick with the offer of working with TM.

Yus wake me up and ask me to go with him to look for the cheapest scientific thingy (they called it calculator) and I decided to take a passport size shot. We walk inside Giant kelana jaya, from one end to another end, from the first level until the uppermost level. But couldn't find the exact shop that have the shot services. Meanwhile, I kept on checking my pay (which was schedule one day earlier..) but, all I on my account balance is only rm7.69. I almost memorize the ammount as that moment I keep on checking and waiting when will my pay credited in my account.

We then decided to go to somewhere near the KFC shoplot in Kelana Jaya. I, again checking my account balance but the ammount showed on the screen is still the same. I've been thinking of taking the future from Mr Visa (Ninut named it) but seems the loan I took last month still I didn't clear it. We go to Ayamas Shop and I stand looking the delicious food but I only can imagine I'm eating it. Yeah, in my wallet I only got rm5 after deducted from rm15 that I've to pay for the shot. Hmm, thank God that the shot was nice, even thought I didn't really expect it will be good as that.

I check again my account balance, still the same.

Berd called by then, asking to accompany him to look for 'Jalan Rahim Kajai' at old Rasta area. We decided to go and before that, I met Leen and Sasha at Tiara Kelana Condo Restaurant (Is it?). I decided to skip my lunch as I don't have much money left to eat. Beside, I keep on imagining that my pay will be today, at least at 9pm.

After Jalan Abdul Rahim, we directed to Phileo to get something before ended up in IKEA. I'm dreaming of buying this thing and that. Decorating my room with this stuff and designing with that stuff. I check my account again, and damn! The balance still the same. Then I go to my home to pick some stuff and then go to Shah Alam for some non-related stuff.

After Shah Alam, went to berd house before going to Puchong and ended up in Kelana Jaya. I duplicated my certificate as a preparation for tomorrow interview as the person throwing my IC inside the trash. I almost scream to the stupid guy but he managed to cool me down. I then realize that I forgot to print my resume. From KJ to Crimson, looking for CC that have printing services to print out my resume. Luckily, many CC still open, but they don't have the printing services. I and Yus walked around KJ area and we ended up in Crimson but ended up getting nothing as a result. We decided to went home and when about to reached Yus house, there's a dog suddenly running directly to us and we've attacted by that stupid dog. I never can imagine how stupid of the dog owner that left his gate open so that his stupid dog keep on runing an chasing every single person that passed by his house.

Finally, we reached home and I continue preparing myself for the interview while waiting for the taxi to pick me up before I realize that my neck-tie was missing. I looked inside my pack but I think I left it at home. Then, I started to felt like I don't wanna go to the interview because that stupid taxi didn't showed up. I called the taxi services at 6.00am and that lady promise to assign the taxi as soon as possible. I waited for almost 2 hours before she called and as if I still need the taxi. I've called another taxi services but seems no taxi want to bring me to Putrajaya. Where's that taxi driver that want extra money for long distance pay? I really sad actually, because I've ask mom to loan me some money to go for the interview, but I didn't go. I know my dad hoping I get the job but what can I do. I just can't go there.

I ended my day, with almost 24 hours non-sleep time with a full of happiness. I kept on smiling the day I faced, but I felt so sorry to my mommy and dad because I didn't show up for the interview.

Well, just wish me luck for my career in TM.

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