Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You’ll never walk alone ...

Believe it? Or might be you have one good reason to denied it..

Actually, I've a good reason to believe it. It's actually Liverpool's theme, my favourite football club. You'll never walk alone. One reason to believe is because on the battle, you'll be with your friend, your team mate, not on your own, gaining everybody strength, to kick and bring the ball to the point (I mean goal post) and gaining victory. Haha. The joy and the fun together must be the sweetest memory to remember on.

But, sometime my heart showed that I'm denying it. Might be this is the middle age symptom, you'll felt that like you're alone with no body take care of you (or might be I keep on denying that I'm all alone. Haha) and you're left all alone at the end of the room, crying and feeling down only by yourself, like I always do. Totally, I don't think that anyone is care about am I having enough food to survive, money to buy this and that.. or what so ever, right?

Everyday I wish that I've at least one good friend. Just a friend to talk, to understand and to be with me when I'm in a hard situation. Might be you never can understand the feeling of being alone, without mom and dad to be on your side. I miss my mom and dad. To be with them at this moment is my ever wish. Yeah, I've to accept that my life is pathetic. I'm still my mom and dad little boy whom still depending on them, still wanna their care and love. I wish that I never made this choice to work and be apart from them. But, past is past, yesterday is yesterday. What ever happen yesterday is a process of learning to be matured this day and for a better tomorrow.

Mom and dad, I miss you so much.

P/s: I'm actually homesick.

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