Monday, September 01, 2008

A Fairytale Of Choki-Choki Chocolate Stick

Some things you can feel it's coming. You just don't simply fall in love because you want to fall in love. You fall in love because of the need, desperate to fall in love. When you feel that need, you have to watch your step. It's like having drunk a philter, the kind that makes you fall in love with the first thing you meet. It could be a duck-billed platypus.

I wasn't realize the first time I had a feeling with this person, either it was a 'love at first sight' or 'I didn't realize you until you took my heart away'. But, my first purpose to know this person is just to be as a friend, a good friend might be. I've started to give that person a single stick of choki-choki day by day hoping at least to speak with him. But, the person only smile at me with a full shining on the eyes. I keep on asking that person to take a five minutes break with me and that person only nod and ignoring my invitation.

Day by day, I keep on giving the choki-choki chocolate stick to that person. I keep on missing the smile, the eyes and the person itself. I was keep on saying that I've to know that person. Day by day, that strange feeling grow and keep on growing. I tried to denied that strange feeling towards that person but as a human, what can I do right? From a far, I just keep on watching, waiting and keep on hoping that person will come to me. But, that person never come, never look at me, never speak to me and might be never realize me. So, I give up. I'm quite disappointed with that person. Then, I've got an offer to go to TM Telephony Management as a back up person for their daily operation. I accept the offer, and I leave the office for one month.

At TM, I live my life happily. I was completely forget about this person, trying to but still that person on my mind. I keep on asking myself, why I never ever ask at least that person phone number?

I started my shift on TM Telephony Department with a full hope that I can forget about loving a person that doesn't realize my existence. Day by day, my memory filled with something new. I went to work, having fun with my friends, I enjoy my life. I ended my day on my bed, and keep on crying about something that I wasn't supposed to. I love this person actually, but why did that person ignore me? I try to forget that person, but my heart keep on saying that I want that person.

The person has something special to know about. Something mysterious, that person didn't speak much around the office. It's hard to see his speaking with another person, hangout with another colleague, or even taking a break with another friend. I want to be somebody that could be beside that person in every single things. I would like to be that person care of, think of and love of. But, would that person love me even though that person never look at me?

I told everyone that the person is my most precious thing I ever have. If only that person could see and understand.

This was written 3 months ago. I never posted it. And the story has actually has got a new episode. It's all came back to me last night while I was reading my friend blog and as usual trying to put myself in the story. That stupid feeling. What happened after that was I was being brave asking that person phone number. And, the story continue with going out together, having lunch, watching movie and I'm now officially in love with that person. Hoping that the relationship will last forever as I put my hope fully on this person.

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