Sunday, March 29, 2009

Forgiveness is Devine, Revenge is Sweet..

I still remember that one call I got on the second day of Dunning. Dunning is a 'scary' words for DiGizens where the call volume on that day will be the highest and not much people want to work on that day. But no harm actually, I was just being so 'happy' to entertained every single call as I'm trying to take an advantage on the high call volume for achieving my 'call per hour' which I didn't passed last month and makes my scorecard not a full 100%.

When I received a call from that stupid ex-DiGi staff, I knew that she just want to show off. It starts with a smile and soon after I said how may I assist her, everything changed. She keep on saying that she's not satisfied with the system and procedure. I just let her to expressed her dissatisfaction in the first place but it get worst when she started to screamed. I was wondering, why she have to cursed me by that four letter words and even cursed DiGi, which is giving her so much benefit while she was one of the worker and paying her a good salary before she leave for some 'better' job. Still, I'm smiling and being that professional giving her the best to assist and satisfied her. I understand her situation but for sure, she as an ex-DiGi staff, supposed she already know and understand how slow the system on the day itself. I don't even can understand why she have to screamed and can be like an crazy people as I only just following the procedure to unbarr the line. She actually mention her full name and identity number at the begining of the call but not the billing address. She even said "I'll make sure you'll get fired", which I don't mind even she said she knew my superior. Still she demanded to speak with the superior which work for the company that she already cursed with that four letter words. How stupid is that? She's just 23 and 'try-to-be' a person that hold one of the highest position in DiGi. She is might be, but this situation reflected how unprofessional she was.

She's not even a priority customer.

Then, I get annoyed. I admitted that I'm being a little sarcastic which makes the situation goes worst. But, I didn't have a feeling to regret for that and I don't even have a single feeling to apologize. I still tried to control her by begging her just to only mention her billing address so that I can proceed to unbarred the line immediately. Can you imagine I'm still being nice for begging for her after what have happened?. Is that fair for me?

She continue to screamed like a crazy lady on the phone, uncontrolable which I can't imagine how worst her beautiful face (if she's a beautiful girl which I think not as her behaviour seems reflects her ugly face) and how much she forget that I also have a feeling and how hurt I was at the moment. She's just being like an ape or a person who just being left by her husband or boyfriend.

I forgive her actually. Not much I can do at the moment. I don't know where did I got that forgiveness and patience. Actually, I don't want her to be happy. I don't even want to forgive her in the first place. But why should I be like her? Having that 'make sure I'll get fired' feeling and complaining? But for sure, I'm still hoping that 'karma' will get her back as this wheel of life keep on rotating. This day she'll be on the top side, but just wait when she going to be on the down side. How much it hurt? Let her know by her self. I just want her to feel how hurt it was.

Actually, I don't remember why I'm on the 'defence mode' in the first place. Probably because I want to see how crazy she can be. Haha! At least, I'm satisfied.

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