Monday, March 23, 2009

Let's make this boy happy

It's 7.05 in the morning and I'm still on my desk, facing my laptop and typing this note. My cheap-deskfan are broken already and I've to face this hot temperature night. Sometimes, I'm so jealous with my landlord who have aircond in the room which I'm paying for the comfortness that he have. Yeah, life is unfair but somehow, I'm satisfied for everything I've got.

I've read from my friend blog saying that her always complaining for how unfair her life and keep on pointing to everyone around her. But then she realized that one of the finger is pointing to another person but the rest back to me. Then, I realized, why keep on complaining while I can improve my self? Why do I've to be like this when I can be like that. It's a simple thing, when you're in the correct path and doing the correct thing, and the skies is yours.

So, I promised to my self, since it's always the time to change that I'll never want to disappoint anyone anymore. But, it's follow my priority. Since when I've priority? Since I've learned how much worth is the friend for and how much did friend care on me. How much did you want me to reach my dream and how much that myself cost to you. I've heard one of my friend said; because of you I've fighted with that person. Hey! I tought you're my bestfriend. I tought you're my soul friend. What happened to every promised, to every of our memory?

I forgot actually. People change.

So then, with full of strength, I dare to raise my self again. Skies the limit, like my boss said. But for me, stars is my limit and I'll not stop until I can feel the stars upon me.

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