Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back To Where I Begin

well, kinda boring being here.. life just da same as i predicted, nuthing to do.. haha.. wake up, working.. goin out, and then sleep.. eat+drink as owez but less getting drunk~ wat da hell is happen to me? am i being normal? wat da hell is dat.. normal is boring, duhh~

rite here, i’m in my home doin nuthing 2 do.. haha.. kinda stupid but sum how i like to be dis way, but it’s hurt me so much at the same time.. huhu.. i’m surrounded by sorrow and unhappiness.. i miss my real life, i miss my frens.. and i miss my place.. but, wat da hell i can do? just let it be and take it easy? duh~ still it’s hurt me so much.. all i want it happiness, but why it’s so hard for me to find it?

help me! i’m drown in my own tears..

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