Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friend No More

In this world, no body is perfect. Yeah, for sure everyone in this world know that they are not perfect. Somehow, when I was child, I was looking to the king and queen, prince and princess, admiring their life and how beautiful they are in the picture and the eyes of the society. At that moment, I really-really wish that I came from the royalties and be admired by the my citizen that the king (my dad, hehe..) rules the country. But it just in my dream, that I only can dream.

As a human, for sure I'll can't never ran away from doing any mistakes. Sometimes, the thing that for me is right but the real fact is I’ve hurt one or more of people around me. For example, living in KL, working here and enjoying my life was the thing that I really-really want to do but I then realize that this hurt my parent who was really want me to be around them. And, for sure both of them will be alone in then house after my brother went to Malacca to further his study. One day mom and dad, I’ll be around you to look after. I promised that I’ll take care of you like both of you taking care of me when I was child.

Few days back, I met my old friend profile in the facebook. This person was a good friend used-to-be of me. I admit it was my mistake on the person and I’m actually seeking an apologies from the person itself. But, my apologies not accepted. I know that I’ve crossed the line but wasn't there any chance for me to seek a forgiveness and start back the friendship?

Or, was it wrong to ask for an apologies?

I was stunned by then. The things is that I realized that people might be accepting your apology but some will never do. If they accept it also that they will be a barrier between the person and you. I was thinking of what the hell? Do I care about you and do you really care about me? That was my mindset when I’m in a middle of anger but when suddenly I’m cooling down, thinking of all they joy and happiest moment ever, I’m so regret that I’ve destroyed my friend trust on me. I’m really-really sorry for what I’ve done. I really-really wish that I can fixed all the things.

So, people out there, if you’re reading my blog, I’ve got few question for you to answer by yourself. Look on your right and left, who did you see? Who was helping you when you’re in the middle of a hard time or an emergency? Who will you call when you fight with your girl/boy friend? Which house will you ran away when you fighting with your parents? Who is the person that loaned you some amount of money but never ask for it back? Was it me? I’ve counter most of this thing and I’ve lost many friend due to my self-selfish and ego. I don't want to make the same mistakes and I've gave you the chance but why don't you? I just wish I never met that person so that I’ll never can feel this and regret these day.

Just remember that we might become an enemy these day but the real thing is that will makes me remember you forever. Catch that!

Til then, stay blessed, have fun and good luck! Peace out~

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Amirul Faizan


  1. it easy to say then to do it isnt? countering other peole feeling before yours, is suck. but, nak buat mcm mane, thas life.


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