Monday, June 15, 2009

I Care ...

I usually ignore people status in facebook, myspace or what-so-ever website but suddenly my attention was attracted by my friend, Farid status on Facebook. It's more about feelings, which is if you do care with someone, just tell the person what did goes wrong so that there's improvement. One of the person inside there give some what shall I say, not so good comment. It's like 'Put yourself first infront of the mirror' or 'Clean yourself first before you can touch me'. I was stunned.

What the ... It's bullshit! For me, I just accept what people do say about me. Why do people still have the mindset of only a certain people can address their fault, or some unacceptable behaviour?

Let me give you an example. If a hooker telling that don't be like her, will you get mad? I think most of the people around will get mad and for sure cursing the hooker. Why? It's because of the society mindset of 'I'm better than you'. Then, where is your improvement? In silence you're still doing something, right? For me, I was seing every single things on the positive side. Tell me where did I go wrong and I'll improve. I'll not do the same mistake if the thing can make myself looks stupid. For sure at the begining I'll go like 'what the hell this people give me some feedback like that' but it's all about their point of view. If they don't like, was I able to make them 'like' it? Hell 'NO' right?

What I'm trying to say here is people make mistakes. Might be I also making mistakes by writing this post but this is my point of view, which is for me this is CORRECT. I want people to see and give their comment or feedback so that I can improve myself to go better. It's all about my life and I'm not living alone in this world. I have people around me, my friend or colleague, and for sure, my family. I need them to improve myself for a better life and future. Just accept what people say about you. It's not about your mistakes but it do about I care of you.

So, love each other!


  1. Why do people still have the mindset of only a certain people can address their fault, or some unacceptable behaviour?

    answer is simple.. bcoz they are HUMAN..

  2. hmm.. good one.. so, let us remind each other, ok?

  3. huh aku ingat ICARE yg gne kat VADS dlu...

    Once you Care you Share...
    Once you Share you need to be Aware..
    Not everything made to be care and share...

    Peace Upon U Broo :D


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