Monday, June 08, 2009

Fact Of Life

I’ve read my previous post in this blog and I’ve found out everythings changes. From a nonsense blog it become to this place for me to throw out my real feelings and thoughts for whole world to read and give their feedback. Lucky for them who doesn’t know me in reality. It sucks, aite? Face it! I’m just a person that you’ve passed by everyday without realizing my existance. Like I said, thing changes. And I’ll make sure you’ll realize that I am around.

For the passed few days, there was few shocking moment in my life. Started with my mom called me in the middle of the night just to inform me that my little brother request me to top-up for him. Then it went to the other night when I found a little cat stucked on the car absorber. I was stucked about one hour in the middle of the road, almost crying and stressed trying to pull out the cat. Few other things happen which I wish I can forget. But, the most shocking parts is when my mom again, called and informed that my brother got the offer to further his study in Engineering Foundation in MMU Melaka.

What else this time? I’m parenting? Hell NO!!

I finished my shift, screaming inside my heart of my endless stress. If before I’ll stayed alone inside my room, sleep and ignoring but now I tried to face the reality, the fact that I’ve to move on. It’s was just OK for me for the passed few days. I’m trying to face everything, even though I’m hurt and so dissatisfied, I tried to smile and satisfied people around. I’m not saying that i have to satisfied the society, but for the sake of ‘menjaga hati’, I have to. People hurts, they claimed they hurt. But how about me? How about my feeling that hurt by your consequences? But then realize it, we can’t satisfied everyone. Someone will be hurt for any single things you’ve done just want to satisfied this part of society. For sure, the hardest things happen today will be the sweetest memories of tomorow. It’s always happen, and it was fun screaming and laughing when talking something about that stupidity.

At least something nice happened. I could breathe easily without any dissatisfaction. And, for sure I hope that I can achieve my target in less than two years. Remember, if sky is yours, then don’t forget that I make stars is mine.

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