Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shake It, Move It Parrtttaaayyyyyy!!!!

Did I enjoy?
Did I having fun?
Did I left behind?

My shift started at 3.15PM on the 26 June 2009. When I walk into the office ground, this was the panorama is~ about to raining, and seems not to be ready yet..

On my mealtime at 5.30PM...

I enjoyed the food so much!! And, It come to night session; few of the event that they scheduled it but I can't attend because I'm working.. (Did that considered left behind?)

Can you just believe that this is happened in my office?

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Amirul Faizan


  1. ini dimana?
    kenapa nampak mcm seronok?

    encek obsession,buat la pop-out coment

    -encek chenta sy kata kalau dah kawen br nak berenti-

  2. owh.. nih kat my office..
    DiGi Telecommunication kat Shah Alam :P

    btw, camana nak buat pop-out comment?


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