Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm reading the online news when I accidentally found this picture. I really-really wish that I'm in the picture so that I can save a carton or two for my stock. Damn! I really-really disappointed.

Speaking of smoking, I was remember my promised to Chris saying that I'll quit smoke. Did I? Well guys, I'm happily trying to not to smoke (infront of Chris) but, you know right of how hard to quit?

HELP ME!! I want to quit...

P/S : Shake it, Move it Party at D'House, Can't wait!!!

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  1. ahaks~
    i put ur link in my "mai singgah" list

    smoke is a bad habit la
    dont need to be sad or anything kan byk rokok2 tempatan yg berkualiti

    -eh aku nyokong ke bantah pon dah keliru-

    -encik chenta sya pon smoke-

  2. thanks-thanks!!

    well, dah berapa tahun dah nak berenti merokok nih, dr harga less than RM3 sampai laa ke RM9 sekarg..

    tetap sanggup beli rokok dr makan yer..


    p/s : suruh encek chenta anda ikut kempen anti rokok :P

  3. it's a cancer stick..

    but, then, its an obsession.

    mcm iklan tv1, Amalkan 8m untuk berhenti merokok.

    p/s:if i'm in d picture, amek 4-5 karton, dan pg jual.

  4. That why~
    klau dpt 10 katon lg beshh.. Muahaha..

  5. iskk...iskk.. nyun~
    one day my friend you'll found that smoking is a BAD HABIT!!
    KURANGKAN la merokok ya~
    this for your own good~ ^_^


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