Friday, July 31, 2009

DiGi Team Building 2009


I realized that this passed few days that I haven't wrote anything in my blog. Sorry dear readers, few agenda was filling in my schedule beside some other unexpected things. Just wanna share with you DiGi Team Building which was held at Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I don’t have any intense for photography this days until I took few good shot’s from my friend camera. Gosh!!

I’m not blaming them for that such nice experience. I was blaming myself because I can’t affort to buy that camera. I’ve to save some money for a sweet experience, and I missed so much event that I can take much memorible moment. Arrggh!!

Can someone give me any DSLR camera?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Complaint and Dissatisfaction

I've had my new team meeting recently. It was just a normal talk between the team member and the team leader. As I'm a new person in a team, I decided to just leave the senior talk the meeting agenda and just give my personal idea when needed. For me, they have been in the team for quite a time and it's like I'm a new freshies in the company. I let them talk and watch their true colours. To be honest, I'm really-really shocked!!

I never ever faced this situations when I'm in my previous team. That's why I'm so sad when I found out that I've to leave.

They have so much complaint about the company management. So much until the meeting that supposed to end at 6.00PM but end at 6.30PM. I'm asking myself, do you have to complaint when you've a chance to work with a great company and the company didn't ask you so much but just follow the work procedure. The company even give extra RM500 for just being there on your desk to work as usual every month, still in the end they still have to complaint.

Yes, I also have some issue that I'm not satisfied with. But, after thinking the pro and consequences, I understood why the rules are created and I managed my self to not breaking the rules (crossed my finger!! Haha). I'll proceed to do my best and get rewarded every month. Being happily spending my money for what ever I wanted to. No need to complaint, right? Ask yourself, why should you dissatisfied and complaint? Why just we didn't settled it by ourself? Why do we have to point our finger to others and blaming the rules that are created to make the work flow smoothly? Didn't you realized that when you've pointing your finger to other, some of your finger is pointing back to you?

If you read my previous post in this blog, you'll see that I wrote so much dissatisfaction about my life and society around me. Even this post also is about my complaint about my new team member. But, do I really care? Will I look stupid in the end? No right? So, the conclusion is just please don't complaint. Rules a meant to be broke but simply try not to broke it. If you want to break the rules, just make sure you done it in a safe and better way. I'm not saying that you have to break the rules but 'pandai-pandailaa..'.

Got complaint? I care .... NOT!!!

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Amirul Faizan

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Genting Highland

Hey, just wanna share about my trip to Genting Highland recently.

Guess what? One of the picture is taken recently and one of it taken on 2006. Can u guess which picture?

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Monday, July 13, 2009

What If ...

Do you believe in fate and destiny? How about luck? Coincidence? Is that the fate or destiny that wroten for you before you haven’t born yet? Have you’ve ask your self about that? Was it fate or coincidence that you’re reading my blog today?

You can see your past but never can see your future. We only can predict and hope to get the best. We didn’t even care anything of what is happening in the future. As long it will make us happy and that’s it. Hope for another better tomorow. It’s nice to find out some your predictions become reality but what if don’t? How would it feel? Are you happy about it? Will you smile or should you cry?

For me, what ever happened today will marks my future. I believe the things happen today is based of what happen yesterday and so do of what happened tomorow is based of what happened today. Future can change, as long as you believe you can change it.

My only question is, what if I didn’t met you?

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Amirul Faizan

Monday, July 06, 2009

My Hometown

I was browsing through the internet when I accidentally saw some latest picture of Dubai. It's was so amaze me to see a desert unknown town become the world most top cities in this century. Then, suddenly it came to my mind to search for some picture of my hometown, Kota Kinabalu or localy known as KK.

While browsing, I found that it just the same picture as always. Nothing interest me that much but this picture tells everything.

This is the night market in KK, also known as 'Pasar Pilipin' or Philippino Market by local. To be honest, I think it just left by it names as Indonesian manipulates the stall. This picture below remind me of how cheap is the fish there. One plate just cost you RM1 or RM2. How's that?

This is the Chicken wing. The best taste ever!! Try it when you're there.

Not to forget, the plastic children. They will beg you to buy the plastic bag for RM0.20. Sometimes I find that they are very clever as they know how to manipulating people that bought so many things from the night market especially my mom. :P.

Yeah, yeah.. I knew I'm from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and I don't even know what is my hometown landmark. I know I haven't been home for a while and I must admit thatI miss my home so much. It's been a year since the last time I'm there. The One Borneo Megamall is still under construction, Most of the flyover didn't completed yet. What else? I don't know also what is my hometown look alike at the moment.

Many of my friend there asking me when I'll be around. My answer to them 'Will be' or just as simple as 'Soon'. I only can laugh, but deep in my heart I desperately want to go back home.

Mom and Dad, I'll be home.. Soon..

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

My Friend Wedding


This passed few day, I was browsing through the facebook, myspace and friendster and view my friends page. I've found out most of my friend are actually attached (married) with their partner. Congratulations from deep bottom of my heart. May only death do you're apart.

It's so sweet then watching they wedding picture. Some of them are not even similar like their normal days. Their make up and their dress up. For sure it's their day and they have to be look like a king a queen of the day. For sure, I was invited to their wedding receiption. I'm really-really sorry for which I can't show up due to my working hour limitation. I'm really-really sorry because I can't be there to be with you to share your happiness on your wedding day.

We're still friends right? Do we?

I hope when my time come one day in the future, you'll be there to attend my ceremony. Sigh. Will I? Let's just follow the flow of the wind, let's see what will going to happen tomorow.

Til then, stay blessed, have fun and good luck!! :P

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Tell Her You Love Her ...


Again, after browing my old files in my laptop, I found this, would be nice to share.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

On the 30th Of June ...


From which part of my self, I don't know where did I found my strength to write in a blog. Isn't that funny? Neither I have any issue to focus on nor learned anything about writing. Like what they always said. I don't have something to write, but I keep on writing and continue writing. Entertaining my readers and followers for everything that I've wrote. For me, I'm wrote because I want improvement, I want to improve my English, my writing skill and of cause I want people to read and share their opinion.

Yesterday I went to the office early. I start at 6.15pm but I've reached at 3pm. After I found a safe place to park the car, I didn't do what I've always do. It's like to early. Of cause it's really early. Normally, I'll turn off the engine, unpack my items and walk to the office. But, this time I just sit on the driver place, thinking of my passed, today and the future. I'm thinking about how much lonely I was before, what is my goal for today and what level will I be in the future.

Suddenly, Leen came into my mind.

I called her and we decided to have a late lunch, or shall I say tea break but we are having lunch menu. Sigh. While driving to the place, I called Berd and he also decided to joined. This both friend are my good old friend. They are someone we called saviour or somebody that with you while you're in a hard time and good time. It was so happy then to met both of them after a while. The jokes, the laugh, it's all makes me happy and smile. We talk about our passed, what happened and everything including the future. It realized me of how precious they are to me.

Talking about precious, this 7th July is my first anniversary and I'll be off to Penang for a vacation (might be to celebrate, a vacation or it's me just want to spend some money there.. Hehe). Some of you might ask, when I'll be going back home? Well, for sure it's Hari Raya but this time I think I'll skip again. Sorry mom and dad!!

By the way, next week at 8 of July, I'll be in Genting Highlands. Wanna join?

Well then, until next time. Stay blessed, have fun and good luck!!

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