Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Complaint and Dissatisfaction

I've had my new team meeting recently. It was just a normal talk between the team member and the team leader. As I'm a new person in a team, I decided to just leave the senior talk the meeting agenda and just give my personal idea when needed. For me, they have been in the team for quite a time and it's like I'm a new freshies in the company. I let them talk and watch their true colours. To be honest, I'm really-really shocked!!

I never ever faced this situations when I'm in my previous team. That's why I'm so sad when I found out that I've to leave.

They have so much complaint about the company management. So much until the meeting that supposed to end at 6.00PM but end at 6.30PM. I'm asking myself, do you have to complaint when you've a chance to work with a great company and the company didn't ask you so much but just follow the work procedure. The company even give extra RM500 for just being there on your desk to work as usual every month, still in the end they still have to complaint.

Yes, I also have some issue that I'm not satisfied with. But, after thinking the pro and consequences, I understood why the rules are created and I managed my self to not breaking the rules (crossed my finger!! Haha). I'll proceed to do my best and get rewarded every month. Being happily spending my money for what ever I wanted to. No need to complaint, right? Ask yourself, why should you dissatisfied and complaint? Why just we didn't settled it by ourself? Why do we have to point our finger to others and blaming the rules that are created to make the work flow smoothly? Didn't you realized that when you've pointing your finger to other, some of your finger is pointing back to you?

If you read my previous post in this blog, you'll see that I wrote so much dissatisfaction about my life and society around me. Even this post also is about my complaint about my new team member. But, do I really care? Will I look stupid in the end? No right? So, the conclusion is just please don't complaint. Rules a meant to be broke but simply try not to broke it. If you want to break the rules, just make sure you done it in a safe and better way. I'm not saying that you have to break the rules but 'pandai-pandailaa..'.

Got complaint? I care .... NOT!!!

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  1. a human never satisfied for what they have..
    they complaint about all the things around them..

    rules are made to be broken..but there are rules that made to be followed..
    so depend on yourself which rules need to be broken and which rules need to followed~
    sometimes people broke the rules for untuk kebaikan tp kebaikan tu tak siapa yang nmpk..cuma yang kelihatan kesalahan melanggar peraturan itu~


  2. bak ibarat kata, kuman seberang laut nampak.. gajar pinggir bibir x nampak :P


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