Wednesday, July 01, 2009

On the 30th Of June ...

From which part of my self, I don't know where did I found my strength to write in a blog. Isn't that funny? Neither I have any issue to focus on nor learned anything about writing. Like what they always said. I don't have something to write, but I keep on writing and continue writing. Entertaining my readers and followers for everything that I've wrote. For me, I'm wrote because I want improvement, I want to improve my English, my writing skill and of cause I want people to read and share their opinion.

Yesterday I went to the office early. I start at 6.15pm but I've reached at 3pm. After I found a safe place to park the car, I didn't do what I've always do. It's like to early. Of cause it's really early. Normally, I'll turn off the engine, unpack my items and walk to the office. But, this time I just sit on the driver place, thinking of my passed, today and the future. I'm thinking about how much lonely I was before, what is my goal for today and what level will I be in the future.

Suddenly, Leen came into my mind.

I called her and we decided to have a late lunch, or shall I say tea break but we are having lunch menu. Sigh. While driving to the place, I called Berd and he also decided to joined. This both friend are my good old friend. They are someone we called saviour or somebody that with you while you're in a hard time and good time. It was so happy then to met both of them after a while. The jokes, the laugh, it's all makes me happy and smile. We talk about our passed, what happened and everything including the future. It realized me of how precious they are to me.

Talking about precious, this 7th July is my first anniversary and I'll be off to Penang for a vacation (might be to celebrate, a vacation or it's me just want to spend some money there.. Hehe). Some of you might ask, when I'll be going back home? Well, for sure it's Hari Raya but this time I think I'll skip again. Sorry mom and dad!!

By the way, next week at 8 of July, I'll be in Genting Highlands. Wanna join?

Well then, until next time. Stay blessed, have fun and good luck!!

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