Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I don’t have any intense for photography this days until I took few good shot’s from my friend camera. Gosh!!

I’m not blaming them for that such nice experience. I was blaming myself because I can’t affort to buy that camera. I’ve to save some money for a sweet experience, and I missed so much event that I can take much memorible moment. Arrggh!!

Can someone give me any DSLR camera?


  1. hahahaha~!!
    i'm so into photography also~

    my fren jual dslr dia. camera plg basic for beginner la..agak murah..tp dia ade janji ngan my other fren..kalau dia tak jadi beli i gtaw u~

  2. 'syarikat kami menjual benih benih poko dslr. dimana anda hanya perlu tanam, dan ia akan berbuah mengeluarkan semua jenis dslr.
    you name it!
    nikon d200
    alpha 900
    eos 450d'

    kan bagus kalau mcm ni


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