Saturday, July 04, 2009

My Friend Wedding

This passed few day, I was browsing through the facebook, myspace and friendster and view my friends page. I've found out most of my friend are actually attached (married) with their partner. Congratulations from deep bottom of my heart. May only death do you're apart.

It's so sweet then watching they wedding picture. Some of them are not even similar like their normal days. Their make up and their dress up. For sure it's their day and they have to be look like a king a queen of the day. For sure, I was invited to their wedding receiption. I'm really-really sorry for which I can't show up due to my working hour limitation. I'm really-really sorry because I can't be there to be with you to share your happiness on your wedding day.

We're still friends right? Do we?

I hope when my time come one day in the future, you'll be there to attend my ceremony. Sigh. Will I? Let's just follow the flow of the wind, let's see what will going to happen tomorow.

Til then, stay blessed, have fun and good luck!! :P

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