Monday, July 13, 2009

What If ...

Do you believe in fate and destiny? How about luck? Coincidence? Is that the fate or destiny that wroten for you before you haven’t born yet? Have you’ve ask your self about that? Was it fate or coincidence that you’re reading my blog today?

You can see your past but never can see your future. We only can predict and hope to get the best. We didn’t even care anything of what is happening in the future. As long it will make us happy and that’s it. Hope for another better tomorow. It’s nice to find out some your predictions become reality but what if don’t? How would it feel? Are you happy about it? Will you smile or should you cry?

For me, what ever happened today will marks my future. I believe the things happen today is based of what happen yesterday and so do of what happened tomorow is based of what happened today. Future can change, as long as you believe you can change it.

My only question is, what if I didn’t met you?

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Amirul Faizan


  1. i believe in fate and destiny
    everything that happen has it own reason
    just like u said what happen today is the consequences of what happen yesterday and what will happen the next day~
    i told u i sgt suke ur blog..update la regulary~

    ooohh there is no more encik chinta hati~
    we taking a break~

  2. we cant change our fate,
    but we can take control of our destiny.

    btw, isnt a classic Sagittarius suppose to be talkative?

  3. alryte!! will update is regularly :P

    talkative in reality, but here.. i rather watch.. :P


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