Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Childhood Memory

Have you ever wish that you could go back to your sweet childhood moment? The time when you're still depending on the adult and don't even mind for what ever happened around you. You don't care about working in the middle of the night just for a bread for your breakfast in the morning. All you ever care is to see the food and smile for the toys when you wake up. Was that fantastic?

If you're asking me, then I'll say YES! I missed my childhood moment. I always wish that I can go back in that time.

For as far that I can remember, my childhood was very different with others. I spend my time looking at the sea and the most I can remember, my pet is a Horseshoe crab and a stray cat called 'O'. Isn't that funny? I've been in the situation when my house roof flew in the middle of the night because of the storm. Almost drown because I don't know how to swim. My childhood friend, thanks to facebook, Rinah (Nasrinah Jabirin) and Boy (Rizan Mujip), and being with them was so the sweetest moment to remember.

Just want to share, I used to live near by the sea. The most strange part is I don't even know of how to swim. That's why if some of you realized that I'm not into the seaside activity so much but I'm most excited to the river or outside of the town.

I was born and spending my childhood in the city, known as Kota Kinabalu town at that moment. But, I lived in the most worst neighbourhood and black area in the city. I've learned from that not to be friended with this kind of person and that type of people. Was is discrimination?

Still, that chapter of my life was the time that I miss the most.

note : picture was taken by my Nokia 6101 phone on the year of 2005 with the Kinabalu Mount as the background

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  1. if we can turn it back, then it will be not a memory isnt it?

    btw, what happens to O?

  2. Yeah, that's why. Somehow I wish to erase the memory.. :(

    Anyway, 'O' unable to give birth, what I can remember, doctor ckp tali pusat terbelit on the kitten. Managed to removed the unborned died kitten, but since then.. after she recovered, I never saw her again..


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