Sunday, August 16, 2009

Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera

I remember the day I bought my first camera, it was Ben-Q C500. Black colour, and a very light camera. I bring the camera every where, took my self taken picture (most of it, haha), some landscape and building for rememberance in the future. It was a very sweet memories that I captured with the camera, until the camera totally broken and the cost to repair is just a price of a new camera. It was a shocked for me.

I stopped taking picture. I can’t afford for another camera. For me it’s just enough to take picture with my PDA, doesn’t matter of how the quality of the picture, as well as I can capture the scene and that’s it. Transfer to my laptop and wait until I can take another good shoot. Until one fine day at Starbucks in Alamanda, I tried Rosimah’s Canon EOS 450D. For just a beginner like me, who doesn’t really know of what is the exposure, or what so ever, what do you expect? From 100 picture that I’ve take, there’s one or two that for me is so nice. The interest to buy a DSLR come but it just not like I must have it. I said to my self, I’ll have it when I have enough saving. Just one day, one day.

I’m visitting Leez parent’s when I found out that Haizun sister owned the Canon EOS 500D. I almost screamed! What the heck with this people nowadays? Suddenly photography is the new trend? I then realize that most of my office colleague and my friend owned the variety of DSLR camera. I asked my self, how long did I stayed in my little room? Did I missed the update of life so much until I didn’t realize about having my own DSLR?

I just don’t care about my interest, I denied my hobby. I know this is an expensive hobby and somehow I can’t afford it. But then, I’ve been thinking, why if they can have it but why don’t I?

Now, I’m just counting the days to have my own Canon EOS 40D. When was it? My birthday? Or might be tomorow?

Or did I owned it?

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