Saturday, August 29, 2009


I don't know which part of the story I should begin. But, nevermind. As long as I can reach the root of the story would be fine. But, basically, what will I write now? Might be it just because of my boring lifestyle, or its just me that don't know how to enjoy.

Normal people know what should they do this hours, but me, other that browsing through my facebook and sometimes blogging, I don't have any single things to do. Can you 'IMAGINE' that? Life that I've claimed so glamorous and extraordinary but actually ended up in my little room and in front of my little lappy. I actually imagining that I can go back to my night life, hanky panky thingy, minum-minum at mamak..

I realized then that I don't have a life other than facebooking and blogging. I need to change before it's too late and people will claimed that I am a nerdy. I suddenly remember when I'm pointing to others that they don't have the 'INTERESTING' life but then I am the one who doesn't. Gosh, this have to stop! I need a changes! I need a welcome back party to the world that I've used to.

Like Christopher said, get a life!


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