Sunday, August 30, 2009

A little to MUCH

I don’t really know what happened to me this passed few days. Was it because of some unexpected things going on, or it is just me that being to emotional. I wasn’t happy about it, because it just not affecting me but also others. I’m sorry guys. It’s just I wasn’t really-really happy for the ‘THING’ that going on.

Somehow, I’m feeling that I want to run away and being childish once again. Being someone who really fear to face the destiny. Blaming others for what ever cause that happen and forget about it as the mistakes was not raised by me. Was it my mistakes for every things that happened? Was it wrong for every single decisions that I’ve choose? What if this things never happened? What if I never be so strong to face this destiny?

To be fair, I actually regretting for every decision that I’ve make. Learned from mistakes. Yeah, but did I? I’m really-really confuse but still I’m being normal these day. Laughing and making fun with everybody but deep in my heart, I am crying. I don’t know why did I cry. For this destiny? No. For what ever happened? No. I just wish for everything to be just nice, following the path that I really-really want. But will everyone happy for every single happy thing that I achieve?

Somehow, things happened already. It’s really-really hurt.

What did went wrong?

I really-really wished that I can ran away. And leave all the problem behind. I must admit that I am really-really scared to face tomorrow. I’m scared. I’m so scared.

To face or not to face, to be brave or just ran away?


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