Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mindset Refresher

Where did I went wrong with this judgement? Was all of the decisions that I've made is not the one that I should choose? Did I use my mind to think or I just follow the pressure of my heart to feel? Was I?

There is few decisions in this life wasn't really that meant to be. It might become the correct answer to everythings but sometimes it's just a big mistake that you've done. Most of us already experiencing it and most of the time we will denying it hence pointing the silly mistakes to the other but forget that the mistakes came from ourself.

So, why should I feel demotivated? Might be because I feel useless. Feel like I'm very stupid. Life is just like a game of Chess. You have to win not matter what or which way you've taken. Think like others but maintain your creativity. Do remember this; people laugh at you because you're different, then laugh at them because they are just the same.

Be inspired~

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