Monday, August 10, 2009

Right vs Left

It's was just a very long day. That's it. I'm unable to sleep because of unplanned thingy. While I should just stay at home and spend every single seconds in front of my laptop, I decided to go out and takes some fresh air. Well, just assume that the Ulu Yam Picnic was the real plan (Kemensah was nice, but due to something I shall say 'technical dissatisfaction' issue, they rather choose to be alone in the jungle).

Should I write about it? Or just write about something that I've experience for this passed few day? Well guys, if you're hoping that I'll write about Ulu Yam, then you're pathetic.

This things comes into my mind few minutes ago. It's either I like it or not, few things happened and it's really makes me feel annoyed and irritated. Is it normal? Might be because of my behaviour itself or I just realized that it just wasn't my way. Did I say I'm not satisfied. Might be but for sure I have to satisfied. Because in the end, I'll keep on denying my true feeling, making that sweet fake face, why can I just be accepting everything? Is this a middle age crisis? Might be I forget that I'm not the only one that have 'feelings'. I realized that I'm sharing this space with you, its either I like it or not, it is not me to decide. Soon or later, I've to work together. Yeah right! (I'm faking the statement).

Why do people have to depend on each other if in the end we're all alone?

I just want a simple improvement, for me to achieve my goal in my life. I don't have any guidance and I'm not sure if everything that I've done is on the correct path. But I don't know which path should I choose? Should I be left, or I just simply choose for the right?

Can I be the leader? Will I be someone idol? Do I have the power?

I am confuse.. HELP!!

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