Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Travel + Flight = Hometown

This picture was taken on my way back from Manila, about three years ago. Damn! I missed my memories in Manila. I still remember how scared I am on the arrival, checking the passport and the luggage, and being alone in The Philippines. With no one to fetch me at the airport, I went to the Metro Manila by my self and being welcome in their language.

Yeah yeah, my mom is Irranun, some sort of The Philippines tribe.

Mentioning about this travelling, I've been thinking of going back home and some places nearby. My friend, Saniz said the he and me will organize my (ex)team bonding in Fraser Hills. Excitement is there, but somehow I'm looking forward travelling to other country. Haha. Meaning, by flight. No worry Saniz, I'm still looking forward for our budget trip but with luxurious food and drinks. Wink wink.

Anyhow, I'm planning to go back to my hometown, next year in January but according to Leen, she'll be in Jakarta on middle of January. And, in the end of February, I'm planning to go to Bali, then Irwan said that the wave is big and high. I was speechless. Should I care about it? Should I listen with their opinion?

Hehe. We'll see about that. I've finished browsing MAS and Airasia website and guess what, I'll be home in January. Not to forget, with my Canon EOS 40D.

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