Monday, September 28, 2009

Was it to late?


With all the fun that come around us every single seconds, sometimes we did forget that we just only a human being that live in this round of time. We did live our life to the fullest and so on we have to admit that sometimes we will have to cry. Isn't that a sin to say that I will never cry and I can face my fate and accept my destiny with a smile on my lips? CAN YOU?

The story that I want to tell is wasn't about me, it just about my very good friend that enjoying his life so much until he forgot that time will get him back. It's like the final destination movie which is the fate is haunting you forever. Is that correct?

I do not blaming my friend for what have happened but I'm totally disappointed with him. For sure, I as a friend remind him every single time of what he should do and don't in work related issue. But, I'm being ignored. The result is happened to be is when his superior come and met me to give the termination letter. What the hell that I've been involved in this matter? I'm totally out of topic. I dare to say that I'm doing fine in my work but just because I'm close to you, I'm not supposed to be involve in.

No offense but I'm totally embarrassed.

I questioned my self, which part of the things that I've done is wrong? Which part of this story is inaccurate? Did the fate changed or it was just following the path of destiny?

And I'm unable to answer a single thing of that question.

I'm so blank until I decided to drive alone around MRR2 and thinking, are you a GOOD FRIEND? Just tell me. I dare to know.

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Amirul Faizan

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

La'Familia in Fraser's Hill


Just went for a little team bonding with my previous team in Fraser's Hill. Didn't managed to have all of the picture yet, but I think this is the best one. Picture said a thousand words right?

I'll update you guys once I have all of the 'best-shoot'. Take care.

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Amirul Faizan

Third half of September

Which part of life that you dare to said that you totally understand?

Are you just manipulating it same as you manipulate my feelings towars you?

Damn I hate you so much.

Why me?

Or, is it just me that being so over-reacting?

I was so confuse.

Totally confuse.

I need your help.

Tell me the truth.

PLEASE! I dare to know.

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Amirul Faizan

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Story From Inside A Picture


Courtesy from Rosimah Manan

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Amirul Faizan

My Love : Prologue


To be honest, now I'm really-really blurred. I don't know which path should I choose. Is that makes any sense? Or it just some sort of humor that I've created to entertain my emptiness or loneliness?

I'm really-really happy to meet you my dear. It just some feeling that words never can tell. I love you with all of my heart and I don't think you're realizing it. For all that you've done to me was much appreciated. You've taught me everything and to be honest I've become a better person than before. I've learned from my mistakes which other never dare to tell but you.

It was just one sweet evening when I started to talk with you. I still can remember that moment of how brave I can become if I want to have something. Fighting and protecting. My nerve was never slowing down to the normal pulse when it come into you. Might be because of my previous experience, I've started to protect my self also. To be more secure and become more stabilized.

End of prologue.

P/S : I still remember your sweet smile.

Note : Picture taken from

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Amirul Faizan

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eye Direction


When Rosimah tough me about the skill of taking picture, one part of her words that I always remind me of the art of taking picture is try to look in the different way. At that moment I wasn't really understand the meaning but it just keep on rewinding inside my mind. Until the moment I stuck inside the mass friday trafic jammed, I then understood what she mean of. It just doesn't matter of how great you are in the art of taking picture, people might adore your skills and picture but I actually admired of how you can see the 'view' of others and adapt it inside the picture.

Here two picture that I've took while playing with my SonyEricsson K660i phone. How was it?

Might be because of my previous experience I've actually started to planned my future. To be secure and to be known. Some of you might asking why I'm doing this and that for the sake of nothing, just remember that everything doesn't need a reason but every reason has it own price. It just something precious that you don't understand or named the value. It called experience.

Everything just so confusing and unacceptable this passed few days. To be honest that I'm so down and I really-really want to fix some mistakes and error. But how could I? How could this person who doesn't have much self-confident change the way of circle of life rotate? How could this mice can fix the bundle of cheese?

Let me tell you something, somehow, it just what people said 'just follow the flow'.

Once you're there, you'll find the answer. Fullstop.

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Amirul Faizan

Sunday, September 06, 2009

15th Day To Go ...


My housemate and I had a little talk about this coming Hari Raya either I'm going back to my hometown. Well, for some of you who have been with me on the previous Hari Raya, you'll know the answer that I'll be spending my Hari Raya in the office or might be in some shopping complex.

Anyway, this is my third Hari Raya away from home. Feel like nothing. But, to be honest, I missed home so much. Since DiGi already activating 3G services to all of the staff, so I think this Hari Raya I just have to make sure that my mummy and daddy in 3G coverage area for me to call them and have a chit chat all day long. Not like previous year that I've to spend my time in front of my little laptop and my mummy and daddy have to learn of how to use Yahoo! Messenger. Poor them being forced to learn new technology by the first son. Hehe.

With all of you as a withness, I'll be back home early this December with my new baby Canon EOS 40D.

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Amirul Faizan

Friday, September 04, 2009

ABC easy as 123...


I'm in a process of learning. What if the learning process stop suddenly?

What is your feeling? Which path will you take after this?

Life wasn't always a sweet memory after all. One day you'll be happy and the next day I can see there is a tears on your eyes. I can feel the sadness because this is not the first time I've experience it.

This story is actually about the contract renewal. It's either you'll granted another year or they just terminated it. It's just so sad to see everyone around you that are not getting their contact renewal and the next day you know that they will not sit beside you and work together. Is that fair? Sometimes it isn't. I felt like I wasn't good enough to give my attention and push them to their limit. Somehow, it wasn't my decisions and I can't make the decision for them.

Where is the mistakes? Am I to soft enough or it's just them that too confortable with their life? Wasn't there any second chance for them to improve?

I'm gonna missed the moment, to see all of you laughing and enjoying our work.

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Amirul Faizan

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I'm too afraid to fall again


Few days back, I’ve learned that few things that I’m unable to take control on it. It wasn’t a very difficult task, but it just a simple dimple thingy about life and people around you. Might be I’m just to rush and was unable to understand the meaning of WAITING. Was it a fact of life that be safe and go slow? Was it worth to spend your time to wait for someone that might not realize the purest of your heart?

I’m not blaming anyone or myself. I’m just frustrated. I just feel so wrong to met and be in the society that I love the most. Being a newbies, trying to make everyone happy but to realized that everyone are not confortable with me. It’s just like humiliating myself without realizing it. Soon after I know that I’m wrongly take the wrong path again, it was just to late. People already have the second tought, but not as I wish it to be.

I ask myself but I couldn’t get the answer that satisfied me. It just so not right. What would you feel when suddenly you’ve realized that you put your heart and hope to someone that couldn’t make it come true?

I am too afraid to fall again. I’m too scared to cry again. I realized being lonely wasn’t the things that I wish for but is it a mistakes to be a person full with hope? I know that people will say that don’t be so high in the sky because nothing can be describe like the pain when you’re falling down. Do not put your hope, don’t just wait and be like a statue on the side of the road, being admired but in the end you’re just all alone. But why actually people have to depend on each other if in the end we’re all alone?

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