Sunday, September 06, 2009

15th Day To Go ...

My housemate and I had a little talk about this coming Hari Raya either I'm going back to my hometown. Well, for some of you who have been with me on the previous Hari Raya, you'll know the answer that I'll be spending my Hari Raya in the office or might be in some shopping complex.

Anyway, this is my third Hari Raya away from home. Feel like nothing. But, to be honest, I missed home so much. Since DiGi already activating 3G services to all of the staff, so I think this Hari Raya I just have to make sure that my mummy and daddy in 3G coverage area for me to call them and have a chit chat all day long. Not like previous year that I've to spend my time in front of my little laptop and my mummy and daddy have to learn of how to use Yahoo! Messenger. Poor them being forced to learn new technology by the first son. Hehe.

With all of you as a withness, I'll be back home early this December with my new baby Canon EOS 40D.

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