Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eye Direction

When Rosimah tough me about the skill of taking picture, one part of her words that I always remind me of the art of taking picture is try to look in the different way. At that moment I wasn't really understand the meaning but it just keep on rewinding inside my mind. Until the moment I stuck inside the mass friday trafic jammed, I then understood what she mean of. It just doesn't matter of how great you are in the art of taking picture, people might adore your skills and picture but I actually admired of how you can see the 'view' of others and adapt it inside the picture.

Here two picture that I've took while playing with my SonyEricsson K660i phone. How was it?

Might be because of my previous experience I've actually started to planned my future. To be secure and to be known. Some of you might asking why I'm doing this and that for the sake of nothing, just remember that everything doesn't need a reason but every reason has it own price. It just something precious that you don't understand or named the value. It called experience.

Everything just so confusing and unacceptable this passed few days. To be honest that I'm so down and I really-really want to fix some mistakes and error. But how could I? How could this person who doesn't have much self-confident change the way of circle of life rotate? How could this mice can fix the bundle of cheese?

Let me tell you something, somehow, it just what people said 'just follow the flow'.

Once you're there, you'll find the answer. Fullstop.

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